Legislators Get Inside Look at Public Education

October 11, 2022

Senator Kristin Phillips-Hill and Representative Kate Klunk visited S.Y.C.S.D. on Monday, Sept. 26. 

The legislators observed a variety of classes at Southern Elementary School, Southern Middle School and the high school to see the education process in action.

High school principal Kevin Molin explains that the visit was set up by school board member Kelly Jarvis “in a statewide effort to have state legislators visit public schools.”

The visit was a part of an initiative known as “The Show Them What It Takes Project,” facilitated by the Pennsylvania School Boards Association (PSBA) and the Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators (PASA).

The project shows legislators and other public figures the importance of having adequate resources for education.

Senator Phillips-Hill speaks with administrators about AP Human Geography after observing a student presentation on the best place to put a restaurant in Shrewsbury. Photograph by Alexa Viands

According to the PSBA and PASA, “Every child deserves a safe, inviting school where students receive personal attention, a full range of courses, up-to-date books and technology, special education for children with disabilities, career and technical education opportunities, guidance counselors and so much more.”

To showcase many of the opportunities SHS has to offer, Phillips-Hill and Klunk both visited separate courses.

Senator Phillips-Hill visited AP Human Geography, Honors Algebra II, AP English, Diversified Occupations and the new EMT class.

Representative Klunk observed the marching band, biology and finance classes. 

Phillips-Hill speaks with AP English teacher Katharine Wilt as students work on outlining essay points for their most recent literature assignment. Photograph by Alexa Viands

These classes were chosen as they represented a good mix of both traditional academic courses and elective courses,” Molin said. “We believed the variety showcased our efforts to prepare students for college and careers.”

In addition to the tour of the curriculum, the legislators also were introduced to a Next Generation Science Standard learning activity.

This activity, maintained by the science department and used in chemistry classes, consists of a cycle dependent on bacteria, fish, heat lamps and a garden of growing peppers.

From watching presentations on the best place to put a restaurant in Shrewsbury to listening to the marching band’s show rehearsal, the legislators were able to interact with students and see the efforts of public schools.

During a transition between classes, legislators work their way to the next classroom, greeting students in the hallways. Photograph by Alexa Viands

“Many important things go on in our local school districts,” Phillips-Hill said in the latest edition of The Southern Way. “For that reason, it’s important to understand what happens in a school district, so we can work together for the betterment of [public education].”

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