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July 27, 2022

Parents of 7th graders:  Immunizations are due by the first day of school.  Your student may not be eligible to start school if the immunizations are not up to date.

Our school nurse, Mrs. Kirby, has contacted you if we are missing an updated vaccine record showing when TDaP and meningitis shots were received by your student.  These vaccines are required by the state for entry into 7th grade.  

Be certain to follow up with Mrs. Kirby if you have not done so already.

Contact Mrs. Kirby at [email protected] if you need an exemption form.

Dental exams are required for all 7th graders.  An exam within the last year is acceptable; please send in verification of the visit from the dentist.

If your student has asthma, please be certain to have a doctor’s order and Asthma Action Plan on file in the Health Suite.  Students are allowed to carry their inhalers as long as the paperwork is on file.

Contact Mrs. Kirby if your student needs to take medication at school.  A doctor’s order is needed for the current school year and a parent will need to bring it to school.  Students are not allowed to transport medication to or from school.

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