Students Debate the Amount of Wheels vs. Doors in the World

April 6, 2022

The question on many people’s minds over the past month has been: are there more wheels or doors in the world?

This question circulated across numerous social media platforms during March, and people around the world have been debating the topic.

The question was originally asked in a poll by @NewYorkNixon on Twitter.

The nearly even-split results of the Twitter poll revealed that 46.4 percent of people voted for doors, while wheels won with 53.6 percent of people voting in favor of it.



The debate was started through a Twitter poll by @NewYorkNixon

People have argued for both sides of the debate across social media.

A reply by @LFCALEX_7 to the original poll argued for team doors.

Their calculations accounted for 20 billion wheels on vehicles and 40 billion doors on buildings.

The caption reads, “Using the ideology that wheels are only for vehicles and doors only count if they can be walked through. [I] think it’s quite clear that doors win.”

A TikTok made by @ups argues for Team Wheels by counting up the doors and wheels on all their vehicles.

UPS counted 768,000 wheels and 510,000 doors on all their vehicles.

While many doors are those that can be walked through, wheels exist in far more than on vehicles.

Many people are on Team Wheels because of the wide variety of objects that have wheels.

While doors are easier to count and primarily exist on buildings and cars, wheels are hiding everywhere in machinery, buildings, toys and much more.

An article from The Philadelphia Inquirer describes an experiment done to find out if there are more wheels or doors in Philadelphia. 

A wheel is defined as anything that spins on an axle, and doors are described to exist on and in buildings and cars and on lockers and elevators.

According to the article, Chestnut Hill production designer Jeff Davis is on Team Wheels for this reason. 

“That means doorknobs are actually wheels. The hinges on doors can be called wheels. So, there’s a wheel on every door, but not a door on every wheel,” Davis said.

One item in particular helps to guarantee victory for Team Wheels: toy cars.

This is a Hot Wheels car from one of the largest producers of wheels. Photograph Courtesy of @Hot_Wheels on Twitter

Hot Wheels alone manufactures over 2 billion wheels for their toys annually, according to Hot Wheels Media.

Another nearly 2.5 billion wheels exist in the world on bikes, skateboards and Legos.

Based on the evidence provided and the wide variety of objects that wheels exist on, I would side with Team Wheels.

Graphic courtesy of @asg_group_uk on Twitter

So, which team are you on?

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