“An Afternoon in Alaska”, a painting by Junior Henry Heinlein.

Students Let Creativity Fly as YCASE Art Exhibition Finalists

March 17, 2022

Aristotle, an ancient Greek Philosopher, has said that, “The aim of art is not to represent the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” To know the art, you must know the artist. You do not need to grow an afro to paint a landscape like Bob Ross, or have a turtle named after you to be a master sculptor like Michelangelo. Art is for everyone, and Susky has its fair share of artists.

“Blade” by Audrey Reeves

The work of several Suquehannock students, along with the work of other students across the county will be displayed at Marketview Arts located at 37 West Philadelphia Street, Studio D, in York, from March 4 through March 24.

“Lightwaves” by Kacie Dix

One of these students is sophomore Audrey Reeves, presenting her graphic art, “Blade.”

“The character was made to look like she would move quickly [like an assassin]” Reeves said. “And her blade was meant to be the same way.”

But that’s not to say fantasy is the only option.

Senior Kacie Dix captured “Lightwaves” during practice shots. “When I got my digital camera, I wanted to capture the slow shutter speed again…‘Lightwaves’ was a complete accident,” Dix said. “I was trying to hold my camera steady, but I was shaking too much, yet I like ‘Lightwaves’ more than the pictures where the light was standing still.”

“Mini Jaws” by Wyatt Gutridge

Art does not have to be a 2-D photo or lines of code. The physical world is also open to several amazing creations.

Sophomore Wyatt Gutridge and his desktop destroyer “Mini Jaws” proves that.

“I decided to sculpt it because I thought it would be cool to have a mini replica of the shark-rig they used in Jaws…to sit on my desk,” Gutridge said. “Plus, I just like mini stuff, especially miniature models.”

According to Graphic Arts and Photography teacher Wade Bowers, no Susquehannock students won any awards, and this was the first time it had ever happened.

Other finalists include the following:

Graphic Design

  • Alex Batton with “San”
  • Bea Angela Ricafort with “Intruder”
  • Danielle Williman with Amsterdam


  • Henry Heinlein with “An Afternoon in Alaska”
  • Jamie Messersmith with “Sick Little Games”


  • Colin Baust-Crain with “Emerald Splendour”
  • Colin Baust-Crain with “Waterfall and Cliff”
  • William Billingsly with “Full Stop”
  • Ryleigh Ambrose with “Rockie”


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