Students and Staff Adjust to New Parking Situation

March 16, 2022

The school is currently under construction, which has brought some changes to parking arrangements.

As does any major change, problems have started to occur as students and staff try to make the best of the situation.

As of now, all students must receive parking passes by the school in order to park; otherwise, they will need to seek other forms of transportation, such as riding the bus or riding with another student that has a parking pass.

This is a diagram sent by Dr. Molin that shows each of the school’s parking lots. The red dot, which was not a part of the original diagram, shows the new main entrance.

However, this has caused some problems, especially with working students or those in an internship or college program.

Senior Alec Warner has the privilege of parking in the green lot for his final year at SHS but finds the situation more problematic than anything.

“The big issue is in the morning around 7:30 a.m. [with] students trying to turn into the green lot and more cars coming in,” Warner said. “It creates a blockage, nothing moves, and it usually means someone letting another person go and trying to free it up, and it takes a long time.”

These clogs have taken so long that some students have even missed the homeroom bell because of it.

A sketch of the school after the construction is finished. Maybe then we will get some peace.

However, some students think the parking system is better than before.

One such person is senior Cassidy Farmer who parks in the red lot, having a shorter walk to the building than most students.

“Maybe [add] more parking in the red lot,” Farmer said. “This way more students have a shorter walk going to school, and other than that, I think they divided it the best they could.”

With drivers divided over the parking situation, students and staff are doing the best they can to adjust to the changes and challenges due to construction.

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