What Colors Properly Represent the School Subjects?

March 16, 2022

Here is an image of colored folders in a school binder. Photograph Courtesy of @school.organization.hacks on Instagram

Math is most definitely blue…no, purple, wait! Yellow.
Recently, the topic of “what colors are the core subjects in school,” has become a pretty heated debate over several social media platforms.
To get an answer I ran a poll on my Instagram account (@alexxstine_) to see what people think.
The poll ran on Instagram for 24 hours and came back with 33 total votes, 45 percent of those votes holding the winning color red.
However, blue came in a close second, holding 39 percent of the votes.
The question is why do people associate colors with school subjects.
As a kid, I kept color-coded folders, and my math folder was almost always red.

Image of color coded and labeled school binders in a locker. Photograph courtesy of @school.organization.hacks on Instagram

I’m pretty sure that other kids did that as well, and this may be why some people are associating school subjects with certain colors.
One reason for this according to colormeanings.com is that science class can be associated with life and leaves which are both green.
Obviously, the meanings and feelings that are associated with these colors might also have something to do with the associations.

After looking through various websites such as empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com. , colormeanings.com and many more, Alex Stine created a graphic showing the different colors and what they are associated with. Image by Alex Stine

Green typically represents growth, health and harmony, and it is clear that growth and health could easily correlate to plants and nature, according to empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com.
All colors have some sort of psychological meaning behind them.
For example, red while being associated with passion and energy can actually have physical effects on a person, it can increase their heartbeat and blood pressure slightly according to masterclass.com; while some colors have more calming effects on a person such as green or light blue.
Moving onto the debate about math, red and blue both have very significant meanings.
Blue represents security, trust and responsibility while red represents passion, energy and strength, according to empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com.
According to colormeanings.com, since red can sometimes correlate with frustration and tension while blue represents simplicity and almost has a calming effect at times, this can contribute to whether a person associates math with red or blue.
If a person is not as good at math, they might associate it with red, but if they find math to be an easy subject, maybe they will associate it with blue.
I was never really good at math, so it makes sense why I would associate it with the color red.
So while we all like to say how the other color is wrong just because it’s not the color that we picked, we can’t really say one color is right or wrong because it all depends on the person and their experiences with the class.



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