SHS Welcomes Brady Poteet

March 12, 2022

Poteet works on a Biology assignment with his students. Photograph by Ian Davis

Former molecular biologist and York College alumni Brady Poteet joined the SHS staff as a Biology and Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology teacher this school year.

After becoming a scientist in the STEM field, Poteet admits that teaching was a path that he never expected himself to pursue.

“When I was in college working towards my biology degree, I never imagined that I would ever want to be a teacher,” Poteet said. “I was always interested in science, but I did not have much interest in working with young people. After working for several years as a scientist, I found myself to be unfulfilled in my work. My wife, who was a teacher at the time, convinced me to try out being a substitute teacher, and after I began subbing and being in a teacher role, I knew the job was for me.”

Poteet’s education was obtained through York College, earning both his Bachelor of Science degree and later on, his teaching certificate.

“I graduated cum laude with a B.S. in biology in 2015…,” Poteet said. “After spending several years in the workforce as a molecular biologist and in the agricultural field, I decided to go back to York College to earn my teaching certificate to teach high school biology. I earned my certificate in 2019.”

Poteet is explaining a problem to two of his students. Photograph by Ian Davis

The change in direction from working in molecular biology and agriculture to teaching brought him to his first position in a school environment- a decision he does not regret.

“This is my third school year teaching,” Poteet said. “I obtained my first 2 years of experience in York City School District as a biology teacher at William Penn Senior High School in York, PA.”

For his third year of teaching, Poteet decided to apply to Susquehannock over other districts for various reasons.

“I chose to work at Susquehannock over other schools because of the upstanding and academically excellent student body as well as the professional and competent staff and administration,” Poteet said. “Susquehannock’s school culture is also close-knit and overwhelmingly positive compared to other schools where I have worked.”

Poteet graduated from York College with his biology degree and his teaching certificate. Photograph Courtesy of Brady Poteet

The decision to teach at SHS gave Poteet the opportunity to try teaching another subject: anatomy and physiology.

“I always knew I wanted to teach biology because it is a subject that I have always had a lot of interest in,” Poteet said. “I never really imagined being an anatomy and physiology teacher, but when I heard about the opportunity, I was very excited to try it out, and I have to say that it has been a great class to teach so far!”

Poteet hopes that he can become more involved in the high school, having one specific hobby in mind that he would like to partake in with his students.

“I would very much like to get involved in a school club,” Poteet said.“My aspirations would be to start a ping-pong club here at Susquehannock as ping-pong is a fun hobby for me.”

Aside from his hobby and career, Poteet has a passion for helping others that he wants to instill in the student body and to continue to work towards as a teacher.

“Something interesting about me that I feel everyone should know is that I am a dedicated father and foster parent,” Poteet said. “I have two biological children with another that is due to arrive in June.  Additionally, my wife and I have recently adopted two children and are working towards the adoption of another child. My life is dedicated to my children and to young people everywhere who could use my help.”

Poteet leaves all students a piece of advice to carry with them in their educational journeys.

The best advice that I can give to my students is to do your best no matter what you do, life is full of surprises, and things never work out exactly as planned. But when things get tough, don’t roll over and give up on your dreams. If the universe pushes you, you push back harder.”

— Brady Poteet

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