AMP Club Helps Host Blood Drive

March 8, 2022

Staff and students over 16 will have the opportunity to pump some life back into the people that need it by volunteering to donate blood.

The Aspiring Medical Professionals (AMP) club is helping to host an annual blood drive for the American Red Cross on Wednesday, March 23.

School nurse Melinda Landis is coordinating the drive and describes the value and importance of donating blood.

“Blood donations are used [for] patients in need of surgery, cancer treatment and transfusions for blood loss from traumatic injuries,” Landis said.

Donating blood is even more important now because the Red Cross has declared its first-ever blood crisis this year.

Blood donations being transported after collection. Photograph courtesy of @RedCross via Twitter

Landis explains how providing a blood donation will impact the Red Cross.

“By holding this blood drive, we will help supply the Red Cross to maintain their blood supply to be used as needed by our hospitals,” Landis said. “The Red Cross provides about 40 percent of our nation’s blood supply.”

The idea of donating blood can be anxiety-provoking for many people.

Junior Makani Ross is the treasurer of AMP and explains how the club has considered these challenges. 

“The [AMP] club members are just trying to encourage people to [donate] and [to] ease any anxiety of needles and blood and…because I know that’s a big problem,” Ross said.

Ross describes several of the benefits of donating blood.

“It’s for a great cause, it’s saving lives for sure,” Ross said. “Not only that, but there’s snacks and refreshments as well.”

A volunteer donating blood for the Red Cross. Photograph Courtesy of @RedCross via Twitter

Junior AMP member Elena Martin discusses an added benefit to donating blood during the school day.

“The actual procedure only takes 6-8 minutes, but you have the opportunity to miss an entire period of class,” Martin said. 

Ross points out a few student requirements needed  in order to donate blood.

“Students 16-18 years old still need a parental consent form signed to participate in the blood drive,” Ross said.

AMP club recruits student and teacher donors for the blood drive that will be taking place on March 23. Image by Alexa Viands

Ross describes her feelings on the current success of the AMP club.

“We didn’t anticipate [this success] at first because [AMP] is still a new club and not many people know about it,” Ross said. “We’re happy that a lot of people are volunteering and signing up to donate.”

Out of the 43 total time slots for donating blood, only 8 are still available. If you’re eligible and interested in donating blood, contact school nurse Melinda Landis at [email protected] to sign up.

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