The Susquehannock High School gets involved during the holiday season. Money raised will go to the Holiday Share Program and the socks will be donated to the homeless. Photographs Courtesy of Courier Daily News.
The Susquehannock High School gets involved during the holiday season. Money raised will go to the Holiday Share Program and the socks will be donated to the homeless. Photographs Courtesy of Courier Daily News.

Susquehannock Supports Local Community this Holiday Season

December 8, 2021

At Susquehannock, different groups are involved in holiday projects benefiting the community. 

This year, the student council and the junior class council are participating in different drives in order to support different families’ needs during the holiday season. 

Giving Tree and Winter Olympics

The student council is participating in the holiday Share program through the YMCA and SYC. 

In the lobby, there is a holiday tree with gift request ornaments hanging.

The giving tree is located in the auditorium lobby. Students have the chance to take an ornament in order to purchase a need for families during the holiday season. Photograph by Mackenzie Womack

In order to support the program, one can take an ornament off the tree and donate a new, unwrapped gift. 

Senior student council president Megan Stiffler shares the importance of donations during this time of year and how the program is important to those within the community.

“Holiday Share is an incredibly important program during this time of year because it helps families who are less fortunate make their holidays a special time of the year. This program is especially crucial now with COVID because many parents have been unable to work or go back to work during the pandemic, so they may have trouble funding gifts for their children during the holidays,” Stiffler said. “Any donations our school can give are incredibly important.”

In addition to the giving tree, the student council is holding a Winter Olympics throughout the high school in order to raise money for the holiday share program.

Student Council members create a new event for the holiday season. The winter olympics will raise money for the YMCA and SYC Holiday Share program, while bringing inclusivity throughout the high school. Photograph courtesy of Courier Daily News

While raising money, the event will help bring everyone together during the time of the holiday season. 

Student council adviser and business teacher Kellin McCullough talks about the holiday share program and how it is important during the holiday season. 

“It was an idea to get students involved in something fun this holiday and to raise money for the holiday share program,” McCullough said. “The holiday share program is run by Southern Community Services and the YMCA where they provide gifts and donations to families in Southern York County that cannot afford Christmas gifts for their families.”

The giving tree and Winter Olympics work alongside one another in order to raise money and collect donations for the families in need. 

The gifts and donations for both events are due by Friday, Dec. 10. 

Sock Drive

In addition to the giving tree, the junior class is holding a sock drive throughout the month of December. 

There will be a box in the lobby for sock donations, in new condition, which will be sent to a local shelter in order for them to be used. 

Class council co-vice president, Evelyn Weldon, explains the importance of a small donation during this time of the year. 

“As the holiday season comes around, we are trying to make sure everyone can enjoy the holidays,” Weldon said. “A lot of people do not realize how important socks are and many people are grateful for them. We are raising money and there is a donation box so people can help give back during the holidays.”

The junior class council holds a sock drive this holiday, in order to help the homeless. Students can participate in the sock spirit days, each Wednesday throughout the month of December. Photograph Courtesy of Courier Daily News

Each Wednesday of the month will be a sock spirit day, and class council members will collect donations in order to purchase more socks. 

The sock spirit days include: crazy sock day on Dec. 1, neon sock day on Dec. 8, mix and match sock day on Dec. 15 and holiday sock day on Dec. 22. 

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