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Student Athlete Spotlight: Amber Bond

November 23, 2021

Throughout the fall sports season, student-athletes often find themselves struggling to keep up with work while attending practices and games; however, some defy the odds.

Senior soccer player Amber Bond exemplifies a leader, friend and avid student-athlete, earning the student spotlight.

Bond has been playing soccer locally for nearly as long as she can remember.

“I started playing soccer in kindergarten,” Bond said. “I started playing intramural soccer for the Mason Dixon League K-6, and then Mason Dixon League Travel team ‘Storm’ [for grades] 6-8. [I have been playing for the] Susquehannock Warrior girls soccer team [throughout high school]. I plan on playing a club league in college next fall.”

Bond plays as a striker during one of the girls soccer team’s home games. Photograph by Tim Flaherty

When asked what position she enjoys the most on the field, she explains that she adapts well to anywhere she is asked to play.

“I am an all-around player,” Bond said. “I will play any position. I am always open to learning how to play new positions and how to become a better player. As of right now, I am a varsity striker.”

Many of Bond’s teammates remark that she is also a reliable friend and looks out for everyone at practices and games.

“My connection to the team is strong,” Bond said. “I have a relationship with every girl on the team. I share some type of similarity with every girl. I have stronger bonds [with some more] than others, but all of the girls mean something different to me.”

Senior defender Amy Collins is close to Bond as a teammate and friend and admires her strength as she faces obstacles outside of sports and academics.

“She is currently taking care of her mom who doesn’t have a lot of movement in her arm because of the surgery she had,” Collins said. “Amber is a careful, optimistic individual with a passion for the sport, her job and her mom in general.”

Bond volleys the ball up the field during an away game versus York Suburban. Photograph by Tim Flaherty

Collins explains that Bond’s humility is beyond that of most players as she always puts what is best for the team before her own interests.

“I remember specifically how she was offered the position of junior varsity captain but turned it down because, as a bubble player during her junior year, she felt like the junior varsity team needed a more active and present captain who wasn’t switching back to varsity so often,” Collins said.

With her final season over, Bond is devoting her time to her passions outside of school as well as to helping the community.

“I am very passionate about soccer, and I enjoy every minute I can be in that environment, but I do have a life outside of it,” Bond said. “Outside of soccer, I work, go to the gym, enjoy time with my family and focus on my academics. [I am also involved in] tutoring, cleaning up trash on the trail, and I have fed the homeless.”

Collins finds this more than admirable and has always looked up to Bond for her devotion. 

“She exemplifies leadership through her passion. She will never give up on what she does,” Collins said. “She is gracious, persistent and deserves to be recognized.”

Bond poses on the field for her senior pictures just before the final match of her last season. Photograph Submitted by Amber Bond

Bond hopes that she will be remembered by her team for not only who she was on the soccer field, but also for all of the connections she made.

“After I graduate, I want the team to remember me as the fun, gitty girl, who was there to have fun, and have my competitive side on the field,” Bond said.

She plans to attend four years of college to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree and has high hopes for following her passions in health sciences.

“I would like to thank my parents for always believing in me and making me who I am,” Bond said. “Also, a special thank you to Coach Scott for helping me get where I am today.”

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