Ravens Comeback Against the Indianapolis Colts

October 26, 2021

Picture by @ESPN – Monday Night Football Live Stream Reddit via Twitter

In an intense match-up between the AFC North Baltimore Ravens and the AFC South Indianapolis Colts, the Ravens pulled off a stunning recovery after nearly losing the game, making their record 4-1.

On Oct. 11 it was unbelievable to many people that the Colts were able to be on top at all, and yet, at halftime, the score against the Ravens was 10-3, making this game something to remember.

Before the start of the game, the Colts ranked 21 out of 32 teams, and the Ravens were ranked 5 out of 32

Quarterback Lamar Jackson avoids defensive linemen, passing the ball. Photograph by @Adam Schefler via Twitter

The Colts, with a record of 1-3 prior to the game, made the Ravens fans optimistic due to their impressive 3-1 record.

This optimism faded as the Colts came out to play hard in the first half, something the Ravens have struggled with in other games.

The famous Ravens defense was not playing at their best, allowing 402 yards in the air with quarterback Carson Wents making 25/35 throws and 123 rushing yards with 26 total attempts and 4.7 yards per carry.

The third quarter was not much different; the score increased to 22-3 after the Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson fumbled the ball as Wentz and his offense came out and scored a touchdown, failing at a 2-point conversion.

This made the difference a 19-point margin, but then Jackson came alive.

Wide Receiver Marquise “Hollywood” Brown catches the touchdown pass. Photograph by @PFF Fantasy Football via Twitter

Jackson launched a 43-yard touchdown pass to Marquise Brown, again missing the 2-point conversion.

The Colts came back out and had to settle for a field goal attempt, succeeding and making the score 25-9.

The Ravens took charge on the field and carried the ball up the field fast, only two minutes and 15 seconds finishing it off with Mark Andrews catching a 5-yard pass for a touchdown.

The Ravens then tried for another 2-point conversion and succeeded, making the score 25-17.

Then, an offensive play from the Colts was stopped by the Ravens defense, making them attempt a field goal again and defensive end Calais Campbell blocked it, truly saving the game.

The Ravens received the ball and scored, passing it for another 5-yard touchdown pass to tight end Mark Andrews, making the score 25-23.

This meant that the Ravens would need a 2-point conversion to tie and go to overtime.

Jackson threw to Andrews and made the 2-point conversion, tying the game.

Wentz came out and got the team’s players down the field, and with only 49 seconds remaining, they were able to get to the 30-yard line with 4 seconds for a 47-yard field goal. 

The game took yet another twist when Rodrigo Blankenship missed it, putting the game into overtime.

The Ravens won the overtime coin toss and fought hard and fast to carry the ball down the field as a single point could have cost them the game.

Every play was imperative as the Ravens forced the Indianapolis defense back towards their endzone.

With a 5-yard pass to Brown, the ball was caught in the endzone in the midst of a tackle, ending the game 31-25.

The Ravens are now 4-1, but there’s still much more to come as the fight for a playoff spot intensifies.


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