Muskant Singh works with students on an interactive lesson plan that moves groups around the room. Photograph by Grace Hartenstein

SHS Welcomes New Teacher Muskant Singh

September 7, 2021

Adorned with twinkling lights and sentimental pictures, new teacher, one-year substitute, Muskant Singh’s classroom welcomes all who enter.

“Being a teacher, [I have to] lead a bunch of students through [a class] that might not be their favorite subject,” said Singh. “…creating a bright, happy, fun place for the kids to come in… could really be relaxing to them.”

This 2021 graduate of York College is very excited to embark on her first teaching position and aims to put her students first in the classroom.

“I like building relationships with the students,” said Singh. “I feel like that’s the only way you’re going to have a safe environment for everybody to feel comfortable and actually participate.”

Singh discusses one-on-one with students about their thoughts on the activity. Photograph by Grace Hartenstein

Last year, Singh student-taught a hybrid classroom at Northeastern High School with some students online and others in person, so she is extremely happy to see all of her students in school each day.

“[Being in school] is so much more hands-on,” said Singh.

Not only does Singh value relationships with her students, she actively collaborates with other teachers at SHS.

Co-teacher Abigail Good poses with Singh in her classroom. They teach English 10 together. Photograph by Grace Hartenstein

“We were told in college that [being a first year teacher] will be hard,” said Singh. “Working with the English department [at SHS] has been so amazing. They have been completely open to collaborating with me, and it’s been so helpful.”

Singh also believes that the school climate at SHS lifts students up and prepares them for life after high school.

“I like how focused [Susquehannock] is on the actual students,” said Singh. “Not everything here is about ‘we have to do this to pass a test.’ Obviously that is our goal…but there is so much more that comes with becoming an adult that kids should also be learning in high school”

Given that Singh is one of the youngest teachers in the building, her advice to students is applicable no matter what path they choose to pursue after highschool.

“Don’t stress about the little things,” said Singh. “In high school, it’s so easy to let drama or friendships hinder your well-being… or even how successful you can be in life. You should use your time here to have a good time and set yourself up for the right path that you want to follow.”

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    MalikaSep 7, 2021 at 10:51 am

    The classroom looks amazing, very happy to see such an inspiring young lady doing amazing things to help the already amazing community!