Accreditted Speaker Dr. Mcgough Shares Words of Wisdom with SHS

August 27, 2021


SHS students listen to Dr. McGough’s presentation. Photograph by Ian Davis

Dr. Michael R. McGough held a leadership presentation at the high school, inspiring the student body with the ideals of great historical minds who exemplified the ‘warrior’ spirit.

The new, student-created brand identity of SYCSD highlights the phrase, “Be the Warrior,” so McGough focused his six key messages on this idea.

The presentation encouraged students to pursue a growth mindset, adapt to change and remain brave despite their fears.

With quotes and stories from the Wright brothers, Florence Chadwick and Jonas Salk, McGough connected notable figures from the past with contemporary lessons that resonated with junior Matt O’Brien.

“A very valuable lesson from Dr. McGough’s presentation was how he taught us to embrace failure and see it as an opportunity to learn,” said O’Brien.

McGough’s other messages urged attendees to be resilient, take chances and have big dreams in an effort to grow the Warrior population as leaders this year.

Senior Tyler Elliott connected with the speaker’s message and realized McGough’s words of wisdom encouraged community at SHS.

“His presentation helped unite us as a school and further explained to all students what it means to ‘Be the Warrior,’” said Elliott.

Dr. McGough connected important moments in history to relatable lessons students can learn from. Ian Davis

While grades were split among the gymnasium and auditorium due to COVID-19 protocol, the students received the same message from McGough: leadership is based upon a strong community and everyone must do their part.

With degrees from the University of Pittsburgh, Western Maryland College and Pennsylvania State University, McGough boasts an excellent education and extensive work experience in the school system, making him a great speaker who can communicate with students effectively.

For more information on McGough and his other seminars, visit his website.

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