Officer Hanson Visits Driver’s Ed. Students

March 15, 2021

Officer William Hanson visited Driver’s Education classes, sharing his own stories and giving advice to new drivers.

Southern Regional officer Hanson came into the class to speak about what Driver’s Education is to him and why it promotes safety for students, meaning that the course is paramount to students learning to take the wheel.

“Driver’s Ed. to me is very important for new drivers,” said Hanson.

It’s the opportunity for students to learn the rules of the road, the opportunity to discuss the important safety aspects of operating a vehicle safely. If I can speak to a group of young drivers and educate them by sharing my stories, then hopefully they will make good decisions when they are behind the wheel and avoid being injured or worse while they are driving.”

— Officer Hanson

Driver’s Education teacher Joseph Sorice elaborates on the purpose of Hanson’s visit and why his students can benefit from perspectives like his.

“Officer Hanson experiences many of the topics we cover on a daily basis and is able to provide first-hand insight on these situations, as well as offer professional, expert insight on how to handle a variety of things in regards to driving,” said Sorice. “He is an extremely valuable resource for student drivers and the school community.”

Both Sorice and Hanson make it clear that it is very important to have many values on and off the road, especially patience.

“Students can learn patience,” said Sorice. “How to be patient on the road is key. You have to have patience when you’re driving. You have to have patience when learning how to drive or in the classroom because it’s not all gonna happen all at once.”

Sophomore Landon Dwyer, a student in the Driver’s Ed. course, remarks on the importance of being in the class and why Hanson’s visit has enabled him to become a better driver.

“Driver’s Ed. is important because it allows young drivers to learn the importance of driving and what you have to do [to stay safe on the roads],” said Dwyer. “I feel Officer Hanson was really helpful because he’s a real cop. He sees it all and has seen it all, so he knows what you must do to become a good driver.”

With that being said, Hanson’s visit was more than memorable, leaving students more prepared for safer driving and creating a safer community.

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