Meet the Snow King Contestants

February 10, 2021

The following candidates for Mini-THON’s Snow King competition responded to the Courier about the community’s need for the event and why they wanted to run.

Junior Eryk Liszewki states that being Snow King would be a huge honor, and he would be able to use it as a way to thank all of his teachers.
Junior Sam Elsen said, “I want people to know and trust that I’m doing this for real, and it’s going to a good cause and would mean a lot to be able to win.”


Senior Jensen Perry knew he would want to run for Snow King. ¨I chose to run for snow king because it is an honor for me to represent Team U,¨ said Perry.
Junior Zach Pecunes hopes people donate to him. ¨People should donate to me because I care a lot about seeing the community succeed and do well,” said Pecunes. “I want to help people in our area.¨
Junior Kaedan Gaunt knew what winning would mean for him. “It would feel really good knowing that I raised the most money,” said Gaunt.
Junior Atticus Silbaugh said, “I choose to run for Snow King because it is a great way to help kids in need. The more money and donations I raise the more good that comes from it.”
Junior Jalen Franklin knows what a Snow King title would for him as well as for his community. “(It) would mean a lot to me, but just being nominated and given the opportunity to help those … less fortunate means the most.”

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