CDC Updates Guidelines in PA

January 14, 2021

The quarantine guidelines for those exposed to COVID-19 were updated on Dec. 4, 2020 in Pennsylvania.

The PA Department of Health changed the guidelines to the number of days in quarantine to 7-10 depending on the situation.

One may end quarantine at 10 days as long as one does not continue to show symptoms at the end of the 10 days. One may also end quarantine on day 7 of quarantine if a negative COVID-19 test has been taken on day 7 of quarantine.

English teacher Karen DeLuca had to teach from home in order to quarantine for 10 days in October, forcing her  to adjust her teaching style with remote digital learning outside her classroom.

“Teaching from home was different,” said DeLuca. “It was enlightening to teach from a Meet, and I found myself naturally engaging a bit more with the synchronous students who were in the Meet with me rather than with the in-person students. It gave me better insight into what my synchronous students experience each day as they join class remotely.” 


Nurse Melinda Landis supports the Department of Health’s guidelines. 

14 days would be the safer option for quarantine, but I’m comfortable with the Dept. of Health’s decision to allow people to stop quarantining after 10 days if they are not having symptom,” said Landis. “ Most people will show symptoms within the first 10 days if they have contracted the virus.”



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