Connor Kernan the goalie of the team is keeping the goal safe while making sure the defense are doing their job.

Lacrosse State Championship Training

May 28, 2020

Connor Kernan the goalie of the team is keeping the goal safe while making sure the defense are doing their job. (Gabby Martuszewski)
Past lacrosse seasons have talked about being filled with competitive fun and laughter. Everyone says it’s always a joy to watch the game’s action and the teammates on the field say it is fantastic to play with their peers on the field.

The lacrosse team wins almost every game, but the only thing that stands in the way is the States Championship games. In this link there will be a picture of the schedule for last years games and in the picture it will show that only one game was shown at Hershey which is the start of the Championship, and right after it shows a scheduled banquet, which means that they only lasted one game.

It is very difficult to get into these games, but the future’s looking brighter.

Junior lacrosse player Andrew McAleer believes that the team is not too far away from this dream if the upperclassmen help the underclassmen. He knows from experience that when he was a freshman and had seniors that would help him get through the practices and explain most of the drills to him, that it helped him get through the year.

“Leadership coming from the upper class will help develop the lower [classmen],¨ said McAleer.

Gavin Held, a 2020 alumnus, believes that the team needs to unify in order to get to the States. Gavin also believes that the seniors are extremely important to getting to States because they will be the leaders of the team.

“I think the most important thing is just coming together as a team and holding each other accountable,¨ said Held.“Weight room and stick work are two of the keys….”

Alumnus Connor Kernan is ranked number 1 at the top of the goalie leader board in the state.
Kernan said, “…as long as the players buy in and dedicate themselves too, there’s no way anyone could stop Susky from being a regular in the state tournament.”.

All of this advice given now seems applicable because of the new coaches Coach Mayne, Coach Markey, and Coach Walker, who joined the team two years ago.

They have been running a lot of new drills and have started doing morning workouts and after school weight room days.

They have also organized gatherings when all the players and their parents would meet up and have dinner together in order to build the relationships between teammates.

If the boys lacrosse team dedicates itself towards the sport, learning from higher ups also teaching underclassmen

Coach Mayne is telling the players on the side line to get ready to go out there at the game vs Red Land (Gabby Martuszewski)
Gavin Held the attack player is discussing the game with Coach Walker (Gabby Martuszewski)
, and works as not just a team, but also as a family, the group will make state competition a reality.

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