Seniors Finish School Year despite Pandemic

May 28, 2020

Seniors graduated this year during a pandemic that has caused school closures and event cancellation around the globe. Disappointment rains over the senior crowd, but not for all.

Senior Kaitlyn Endres, who skipped junior year, has experienced positive results from online schooling.

“I think it kind of helped me in a way, and once it happened, I actually found myself having a fairly easier time with completing all of my work in a timely manner, my sleeping schedule also improved, my bad habits started going away,” said Endres.

Other seniors are already looking ahead to a hopeful future.

The class of 2020 poses for their class picture. Photograph courtesy of Jessica Beste

Senior Jennifer Clatworthy remains optimistic about the outcome of her last year of high school.

“It was shocking at first,” said Clatworthy. “But I know it will definitely be a funny story one day.”

Jennifer Clatworthy poses in her graduation cap and gown. Photograph courtesy of Jennifer Clatworthy

Some seniors found themselves not impacted at all by the cancellations.

While he will miss Susquehannock, senior Jacob O’Brien is not concerned about the lack of a graduation ceremony.

“It’s just not worth going in my opinion,”  said O’Brien. “I would just like them to mail me my diploma.”

While a graduation ceremony might not be top priority, many seniors have thought about leaving Susky behind.

Senior Alyssa Fraley spent time contemplating what she would miss most about the school.

“[I’ll miss] some of the teachers and being able to walk around the halls and see Bodi,” said Fraley.

It is not just this year’s senior class impacted by school closures from the coronavirus.

Junior Colby Czaplinski is already looking ahead to his own senior year.

“I believe it is here to stay,” said Czaplinski. “And until we either decide to open everything back up regardless or it is a serious vaccine, we have a high possibility of being online in the fall.”

Junior Hunter Fultz is also looking forward to her senior year, but with more optimism.

“[I’m looking forward to] being able to spend more time with friends and be more involved with upperclassmen school events,” said Fultz.

As the seniors leave Susquehannock High School after such a strange year, senior Eric Schwanke has a lasting message for all underclassmen who continue through high school during the pandemic.

“Just… embrace the curve balls,” said Schwanke. “Because they tend to make life more interesting.”

As all students readjust their lives once again to the ending school year, we say goodbye to our seniors who managed to make it through high school, despite a global pandemic.

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