Top 5 Things to do During the Stay-at-Home Order

April 23, 2020

With the Coronavirus continuing to force governments to require quarantining, people are running out of ideas to keep themselves busy, leaving many people to have feelings of  fear and uncertainty. This leaves people at a vulnerable place without being able to do much. With that said, here is a safe, law-abiding list of activities that people can participate in.

5. Fishing.

This activity is one that the Pennsylvania legislature said was okay for residents to participate in. It is a good way to go outside and get some fresh air, while also being able to stay isolated. Most lakes are still open, as well as streams and ponds. The only requirement that is needed is a PA fishing license. This makes this an easy, fun activity, with plenty of social distance.

This is a Great Blue Heron at Codorus State Park, in P.A. Photograph by @h_jonesphoto via Twitter

4. FaceTime.

Miss your friends? Luckily, we do not live in the dark ages anymore, so you can video chat with anybody you want. It is an easy way to stay connected, without getting together and risking exposure. There are all sorts of apps that allow video chat, even if you do not have an iPhone with FaceTime. Some of these apps include Snapchat, Google Hangouts and Zoom. All are free to use. for anybody.

3. Technology Entertainment. This is a great way to stay away from people. All it requires is a T.V., smart phone or computer, and you are set. Whether it is playing video games with your friends or watching every season of Grey’s Anatomy for the third time, there are plenty of things to do by yourself and stay entertained. With new shows, albums and games being released, these things should stay new and engaging throughout quarantine.

2. The Rail Trail. Southern York County is blessed with having the Rail Trail available. It has stayed open as a way for people to “maintain health” during the quarantine. The trail allows biking, walking, and horseback riding\;, itand also has some swimming holes along it. Although you do sometimes get a little close to people on the trail, for the most part there is a safe distance between you and everyone else.

Marquis “Hollywood” Brown wins a celebrity tournament of Madden. Photograph by @ESPNNFL via Twitter

1. Getting Work Done. This is the perfect time to work on all the things that you said you would eventually get to. With not much to do, or places to be, now is a good time to do things that you did not have the time for. It does not matter if it is something big like repainting a room, or small like trimming back some trees, now is the time to do it. Most hardware stores are still open and well-stocked, so now is the perfect time to work on things around the house.

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