Kind Middle Schoolers in Action

October 28, 2019

These creative and thoughtful middle school students: Katelyn Kontz, Harrison Mabon, Olivia Massey, Alana Rondon, Cameron Wolf, Haley Womer, & Allison Watkins donated their time to make this first grader’s Halloween dreams come true. In the beginning, Adylaede Thomas, a first grader at Friendship Elementary, did not want to use her wheelchair (which she uses for long distances) for trick or treating because it did not match her scary vampire costume. However, the challenge was not too big for these kind Southern Middle School students, who took on the project in place of watching a movie in art class as a reward for the end of the quarter. In two days time, these seven middle schoolers worked hard to create this coffin wheelchair costume to match both her chair and her costume! The smile on this first grader’s made-up face says it all! She had the best time…  and the best costume.

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