"Quandary Peak," is a submission by senior Maggie Howells. Photograph Courtesy of Sara Mooney

Art Students Excel in York College Art Exhibition

November 7, 2018

10 students from three different grade levels entered art pieces into the York Community Art Scholars Exhibition.

Students who placed include senior Ryan Hartley for his “rEDpUNCHES” photography and sophomore Sam Timlin for his graphic design “Solitude.”

Other studens who have artwork displayed in the exhibition are seniors Margaret Howells, Annabelle Bobby, Abby Grim, Leah Miller and junior Keely Coyle.

The Finalist Exhibition is on display at Marketview Arts in York from  Nov. 1-20. 

The pieces, a mixture of paintings, photos, and more, could have landed one of the students with a $ 20,000 scholarship to York College.

Senior Leah Miller saw this experience as a chance to explore photography.
“Mr. Bowers was really trying to get more photography involved this year, so he was trying to coach his independent study students to participate. I thought it could be a cool thing to get involved in,” said Miller.
Miller entered three photography pieces into the exhibition.
“One was a record player, one was a picture of pictures, and was was a collage of a bunch of pictures to make one big picture,” said Miller.
For Miller, it wasn’t just about the art.
Making presentable art that is ready to be judged in front of many people requires more thinking than just hanging a photo up on a wall.
“I’ve learned that it takes a lot more effort to hang up your art than you would think because you have to find the frames and make it look more presentable, rather than just taking a picture,” said Miller.
Senior Maggie Howells also entered into the competition.
“[I submitted] three paintings – one was a landscape painted without a paintbrush [using] pallet knives and linoleum stamp. One painting [was] mountains on a small canvas, and [I] cut a bear out of a slab of wood placed them together,” said Howells. “One was three plants that were painted on old book pages then put on a piece of wood made with acrylics.”
Howells learned that she could “…challenge [herself] creatively by doing things outside of the box.”
Junior Keely Coyle was another participant in the exhibition.
“[I submitted] a print. A print is when you carve a design into linoleum and then roll ink on the design and then use it as print,” said Coyle. “It’s called flowers.”
Coyle feels that the exhibition taught her important things about her art.
“…I didn’t want join in because I didn’t think I was good enough, but at the last minute I did,” said Coyle. “I learned that I’m a lot better than I thought I was; it was a confidence boost, and I need to have confidence in my artistic ability.”

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