AP Human Geo. visits Roots Market

November 15, 2017

The AP Human Geography class went on a field trip to Roots market last week to learn about different cultures.

The field trip was considered by some to be an eye-opener to other cultures and how they live versus how we live in our modern society today.

Christian Collins, a junior in AP Human Geo., went on the field trip and thought that the trip was successful by giving students a way to experience the Amish life and culture for themselves rather than through textbooks.

Collins said the most interesting aspect of the trip was conversing with different types of people in the market and getting to know a little about them and how they live their lives so radically different from our own.

“I think experiencing new cultures and new things even if it’s just the Amish …. I think it’s good and should be encouraged,” said Collins.

Alex Fabie, a fellow junior that went on the field trip, said she and other AP students had prior knowledge of the Amish but had not interacted with them personally before the trip.

Fabie said that their culture is very different from ours in many ways and talked about how they treated animals more like produce and food compared to how we treat animals.

Teacher Matthew Amberman said students were told to behave respectfully towards the Amish by treating them as humans and not objects by not taking any pictures of them.

Amberman plans on doing the trip next year; however, he will move it to the springtime.

Fabie agrees the trip was beneficial overall.

“[Sometimes] you need to look at other people’s perspective [of how they live] before making a judgment,” said Fabie. “…even if you do not necessarily agree with it.”  

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