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Football Team Prepares for Homecoming Game

October 23, 2017

The football team wins a defining game that determined their course for the season.

*Written Oct. 20 prior to game*

According to the football team’s head coach Steven Wiles, the annual homecoming football game usually pulls in a larger crowd than the than the typical games do, leading to more spirit and determination among the team.

“Well, homecoming is always exciting, I think you get more people coming back to see the game than in normal weeks, with all the student activities that go along with it, and of course the dance on Saturday as well,” said Wiles.

This team now has an overall record of 6 and 2, and are 4 and 0 in their division, winning this game gives the team a chance to win their division and compete further, according to quarterback Hunter Sentz.

“This game is actually important, in past years at this time our team had been eliminated

from contention in the division, so we have to win this game if we want a chance win the division by the end of the year,” said Sentz.

According to coach Wiles, West York is difficult to play against, but he had hopes that the team could work together and succeed, and they ended up winning with a score of 29 to 28.

“This year we’re doing very well; we are first in the division right now. West York is always a good team, one that we haven’t beaten in a few years, but hopefully we can continue winning in the division,” said Wiles.

Junior Daron Brown, who scored three touchdowns during the previous game, believed that the team will be at their best and focused during the important game.

“We are so close to having a winning record and achieving our goal to hopefully be division champions. I think we will play great or as my teammates say ‘we will play Big Warrior football’ but I think we will play as a team and play our hardest,” said Brown.

The team has had some challenges dealing with injured players, but has seemingly made a full recovery, as was able to outmatch their opponents.

“We’ve had a couple of injuries that have forced younger guys maybe to step up, and they’ve done a great job doing that. We’ve had three or four guys that have missed some games, nothing serious, and everybody’s back, and were are pretty healthy right now. I’ve seen the improvement because the younger guys that got to play, that maybe did not get to play at the beginning, are getting some experience, and now we have our other guys back, so it’s helped our team in the end,” said Wiles.


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