Student Council Renovates Homecoming

October 22, 2017

Student Council has made many changes this year regarding homecoming.

The biggest change involves the location of the dance.

In the past, the dance had always been held in the gym, but for this year’s theme of Garden of Lights, the gym is not equipped for what student council has planned.

Student council advisor Kellin McCullough talks about the location change.

“It was a way to not have the gym lights on,” said McCullough. “It was a way to use the space more efficiently.”

Sophomore student council representative Emma Williams thinks that the students will be happy with this change.

“In the cafeteria we will be able to adjust the lighting to better meet the students’ wants,” said Williams. “The ceiling lights will be completely off, and all of the lighting will be created by the decorative string lights!”

The Garden of Lights theme has allowed the student council to add a classy look to a high school dance.

Freshman representative Maddie Bateman talks about the theme.

“The dance will be decorated in greens, flowers, and of course lights,” said Bateman.“As a group for student council, we wanted the dance to have class. We thought that this theme had just that.”

McCullough agrees with Batemen on the Garden of Lights theme.

“[There will be] lots of greens and vinery and fresh flowers and fake flowers, said McCullough. “Just a lot of classy decorations this year.”

Student Council has also added many new activities to the homecoming spirit week including a class competition where each class competes to find the most flowers hidden around the school.

McCullough explains the goal of the competition.

“The class flower competition was something that started in order just to kinda get classes to compete but also have fun together,” said McCullough. “So there’s flowers hidden around the school and students find them and put them in a basket and the class that has the most points at the end of the week with spirit week will get Italian ice.”

Williams explains how student council has added to the pep rally festivities.

“At the tailgate, we will have yard games, board games, adult coloring, puzzles, competition games, as well as food, music, and more!” said Williams.

McCullough, Bateman, and Williams all agree that this year’s homecoming will be something special.

“Homecoming will be a gorgeous garden scene with beautiful lights for the the students to dance beneath,” said Williams.


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