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Bodhi: The Therapy Dog

October 15, 2017

A a large, white and fluffy creature has been spotted by students multiple times.

This fluffy therapy dog is  Bodhi.

Owner and Coordinator of Social Services Jill Platts  says bringing Bodhi to school has many positive benefits.

  “Bodhi brings a smile to the face of just about everyone he meets,” says Platts. “His calm demeanor and kind soul bring comfort to those around him. His thick and soft fur is soothing to pet, and his presence allows those who may not otherwise feel like talking to open up and share their own pet stories, struggles, frustrations and joys.”

  Taking care of Bodhi is just as rewarding as seeing the smile on students’ faces, according to Platts.

  “Bodhi brings the same comfort to me and definitely brightens my spirit,” says Platts. “He brings me great joy and lots of laughs as well, as he can be quite the character at times.”

 Senior Brett Flemmens was responsible for the voice-over for the Southern York County’s United Way campaign, which has a specific welfare fund that helps students that are in need of school supplies and other school necessities.

  “I was approached by Ms. Platts, and she asked me if I would do the voice-over,” said Flemmens. “I was excited to help with a project that would benefit other students.”

  Bodhi is a unique dog, and Flemmens has witnessed this firsthand.

  “Bodhi is a fantastic dog,” said Flemmens. “I would have to say Bodhi’s most unique feature is how gentle he is considering his size. He won’t jump on you, and he will just lay his head and try to make you feel better if you are down.”

  Bodhi has also been a positive figure among students, senior Matthew Rohrbaugh has personally experienced the special pup’s positivity.

  “He brightens kids’ days just be seeing him, and that’s happened first-hand when he came into my classroom,” said Rohrbaugh. “When I saw Bodhi walk into my classroom, I knew it was going to be a good day.”

Platts hopes that Bodhi can stop by Susquehannock more often.

  “I would love to bring him in several times a month to visit with students in various buildings,” said Platts. “He is therapeutic for staff members, too, as we all need more puppy time to ease our stress!”



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