Aevidum Sells Bracelets with a Deal

October 5, 2017

  The Aevidum club at Susky is selling bracelets for four dollars each, which allow students to get into all sporting events at home for half price all year.

  The motive behind selling the bracelets was mainly to raise awareness for the club and mental health.

  Senior Michael Torbert also thinks that by using the bracelets and sporting events, the students will be able to engage and remember Aevidum’s message.

  “I think a big reason is to raise awareness for Aevidum as a whole but more importantly mental health and youth mental health. And also a way that engages the students in our school, in a way that will make the message resonate with them,” said Torbert.

  Senior Sarah Minacci thinks that it is a good way to raise money for the club while giving students something fun to participate in.

  “Not only does it raise awareness for mental health, but it helps fund the Aevidum club so we can continue doing our activities, and for students it’s awesome because it gets you half off admissions to all games except for playoffs, so really you make your money back in just four games,” said Minacci.

  In addition to the bracelets being sold, Aevidum is planning more events throughout the year.

  Warren said a basketball game is going to be held with Kennard-Dale to raise money for Aevidum.

  “There is going to be an event called ‘The Battle of 851’ in November, between the staff of Susquehannock, and the staff of Kennard-Dale, so it will build off the popularity of the student versus staff basketball game last year,” said Warren. “And we’re planning other events throughout the year too… Aevidum is looking forward to partnering with other organizations such as Student Council and Alliance this year.”

  Minacci has plans for this year such as putting articles up and bigger ideas like a mental health themed football game.

  “We are working on a bunch of new projects this year, some are pretty simple. We’re talking about doing stall stories, where we just have an article, and it’s a bunch of information each month that talks about different health awareness days and important information like that, and it’ll go in the bathroom stalls for the girls’ and boys’ bathrooms,” said Minacci. “So, it can be something as simple as that, or we’re working to create a mental health themed football game with Kennard-Dale because their Aevidum program is pretty big, and we’re working on making ours just as good.”

  Overall, the Aevidum club believes that it is worth donating, as many students can relate to the message that Aevidum is trying to spread.

  “I think we need to have Aevidum because without Aevidum I don’t think anyone would be willing to or capable of taking the jump to start talking about mental health and I feel like if we don’t start talking about it, the problem’s just going to get worse, because most students, if they do have mental health issues, it comes from school, so the place to attack that issue is at school where it starts,” said Torbert. “A big part of Aevidum is just understanding that you’re not alone, and ‘I’ve got your back’ and  we all have your back, and as a school, we can come together and get through a lot.”

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