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Why I Support Donald Trump

March 15, 2016

Trump speaks at a recent debate. Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images.

Trump speaks at a recent debate. Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images.

  Frequently, the presidential race is more of a question of who is the better of two devils in disguise. This time, it has never been a more accurate depiction of the race.  

  As the primaries draw near to the final selection, it is becoming more and more apparent that it is going to be Hillary Clinton for the Democrats and Donald Trump for the Republicans. Yes, the others could still make a comeback, but it’s fairly unlikely.

  It isn’t a particularly great set of choices, but for a multitude of reasons I would vote for Trump over Clinton. While both are awful, Trump is far more trustworthy than Clinton, whom I see to be a lying snake.

  Trust issues aside, there are still more reasons to vote Trump, especially if you find your beliefs align more closely to the Republican side. For one, taking a look at the other candidates, he is by far the best of the Republican side that still has a chance of winning.

  Marco Rubio doesn’t have nearly enough backing to have a strong chance of making a good comeback, and, quite honestly, should drop out like his advisors are telling him to. When you go to his website, the first thing you see is an ad that just says, “Stop Trump.” It offers no explanation as to why Rubio should win over Trump, but hey, good for you if you want to base your campaign solely on hating Trump. Meanwhile, if someone is actually serious about not wanting Trump, they will probably vote for the person that is less than a hundred points behind him, and still has a chance to come back.  

  Moving on to the person in second, Ted Cruz still has a chance to come back from his less than a hundred point deficit, but, looking at his platform, why would you want him to? For one, based on his website, there are no such things as generic terrorists, only Islamic or Muslim terrorists. Apparently, Cruz thinks the only dangerous terrorists are the Islamic ones. Don’t worry about the other ones. (Please note the sarcasm).

  Looking further into Cruz, his plans for dealing with unemployment and immigration also focus on halting and auditing every work visa until American unemployment drops. Yes, this is a brilliant idea. Instead of encouraging and making legal immigration easier, we are going to make it harder for them to work legally and more likely to chose the easier, illegal route.

  While we are on the topic of immigration, all of the people who laughed at Trump for wanting to build a wall, you should probably take a closer look at Cruz’s plan on his website. “It’s not that we don’t know how to solve illegal immigration. What is missing is the political will to get it done. As President, Ted Cruz will do what he says. He will stop illegal immigration. He will build a wall that works, triple border security, and put in place the surveillance and biometric tracking to secure the border.” Sound familiar?

  Also still vying for the Republican ticket is John Kasich. Excuse me while I laugh at the possibility of him coming back. This man doesn’t even really deserve to be counted in the running, as he is behind Trump by over 400 points. His campaign has basically devolved into a political stunt for his own state, Ohio, to attempt to gain popularity for him. His only real purpose for staying in at this point is probably to ensure he gets elected as governor again.

  So, moving past the Republican primaries, Trump having taken the Republican ticket, Trump will now be facing Clinton. Sure, good ol’ Bernie is still in the running, but not for long. As of March 9, Clinton had 1,221 votes of the needed 2,383 for the Democratic ticket, while Bernie only has 571. For him to make a comeback, he would almost need a miracle.

  This leaves us with Clinton running against Trump in November for the key to the Oval Office. As I said before, while neither is particularly fantastic or maybe even acceptable, at least Trump is honest about it.

  Clinton is a habitual liar, and, when caught, plays with words to get out of it as Jonah Goldberg of the National Review so kindly points out:

  “The most discussed deception came in an exchange about her e-mails. Clinton declared emphatically that, “You know, you’re starting with so many assumptions that are – I’ve never had a subpoena… Let’s take a deep breath here.”

  Representative Trey Gowdy (R., S.C.), chair of the committee investigating the Obama administration’s response to the Benghazi attack, promptly produced a copy of the subpoena.”

  This was an excerpt from another article explaining how Clinton lies. This kind of thing is common for Clinton, whereas Trump tends to tell it like it is. While he may seem a clown, his rhetoric is what is known as hyper-sensitive. He doesn’t use fancy wordplay, as that is used to hide the truth. When he talks, it is simple, and you don’t have to dissect what he is saying.

  Take, for example, his plan to build this wall. He is not beating around the bush with it, he is telling it as it is. He plans to build the wall and get Mexico to assist and/or pay for it. After all, according to Trump, it is their citizens that are causing the problem by coming into the U.S. illegally, and so it is not unreasonable to ask them to help keep their own citizens from leaving illegally. But Trump tells people straight up that that is what he is doing and is planning to do.

  All in all, while he may not make America as great as he says he will, at the very least I believe he can help staunch the bleeding. Vote Trump, and hope and pray that we get a decent choice next time.


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