Alex Marshall
Alex Marshall is a new Senior at Susquehannock High, drifting in from Baltimore, Maryland. He plans on writing articles about music and entertainment, as he plans on venturing into the music industry after college. He plays guitar, bass, piano, ukulele and is learning to produce music digitally. His favorite music genres include hip-hop, the blues, jazz, soul, funk, doom and thrash metal, punk, vaporwave, future funk, surf rock, and indie rock. His other hobbies include fashion, collecting music, skateboarding and creative writing. He plans to head North for college, seeking out campuses in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Vermont to earn a degree in Music Theory or Audio Engineering. He's a member of the Creative Writing Club and writes nearly every day. He shares a room with his cat, Pablo, who is rambunctious as can be with a luscious grey speckled mane that all of his friends are envious of.

Alex Marshall, Reporter

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