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“The Planets” by Anonymous

Ms. Cieslewicz, Adviser

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He yawned and adjusted as comfortably as possible to lie on his back, silky white hair tickling his cheek. Ahhh peace and a nice cool bed-


Photo by: Jon Bilous

A violent, blinding beam of light engulfed him and for a moment he couldn’t sense anything. Moon sprang from the bed and let a strangled scream: “SUN!” Rubbing his temple that still seared with pain, he spun around, ready to face his adversary.

“Oh, hey did I wake you up?” came a mocking voice with a slightly contemptuous flair that could only belong to one and only Sun. Shielding his eyes from the intense light, Moon glared as he craned his neck up to look at the beaming smile on the haughty face of his worst enemy.

“What are you doing here? Turn that light off!” Sun laughed in response, a gay laugh that made you want to join in except now it made Moon’s cheeks burn.

“You can’t turn my light off, and if you could, not likely I’d let you.” He flashed an arrogant grin, his gold eyes glowing, and took pleasure in the ensuing tantrum that Moon rampaged around him, jumping up and down while trying to smack the smirk off of his face.

“Hey, hey, hey! Keep it down, down there! I am not happy first thing in the morning.” Earth walked in, rubbing his eyes and stretching, his sea green hair ruffled. Mercury moved to the other side of him, lightning fast and his light brown hair permanently wind blown as he motioned to Earth to watch the fight. “Want to make a bet on who ends up on top,” he winked at Earth, who smirked at the two scuffling.

“Hey, Earth, get this pipsqueak away from me. I think he might actually turn my light off.” Sun said, messing up Moon’s hair.

“I will knock your lights out FOREVER!” yelled Moon and he tackled Sun from behind, grappling with his neck, his arms flailing. Mercury snorted and went to retrieve his shoes. “Get off me!” Sun and Moon danced awkwardly in a circle knocking over a pile of Universe by the Century.

“Off so soon?” asked Earth, glancing back at Mercury lacing up his high tops. “Yeah, you know me, always on the run!” He saluted him and was gone before he blinked.

Pluto appeared silently and inconspicuously from among the shadows, sitting on the window sill with midnight hair hiding his cool grey eyes. “I’d like to knock your lights out forever,” he murmured and played with a Swiss army knife as he stared blankly across the floor.

Earth watched Sun and Moon, still struggling and was  contemplating whether to join, help, or simply watch when Mars walked in carrying a jug of milk. “What are the lovebirds up to now?” he asked while taking a swig from the container, earning him a mustache.

“Really, must you two always make a ruckus all hours of the day, and I mean every hour of everyone’s day,” Venus criticized while descending the stairs, already showered and drying her hair with a towel.

Saturn followed close behind, having also had a shower and dressed in his classic punk style, he flashed Venus a dirty look. At the landing he jumped a little at the unexpected sight of Pluto on the sill.

Mars nearly choked on his milk and quickly ran a hand through his own blood red hair while straightening up. Earth motioned with his finger about the milk mustache and Mars immediately wiped his sleeve across his face, his dark gold eyes burning along with his cheeks.

“Well, not that you wouldn’t notice as the only thing useful you can do is find faults with everyone else because you’re jealous of them,” Saturn replied chillingly and slipped into a chair. Already scrolling through his iPod, his other finger twirling his neon streaked hair, he, as always, ignored the disdainful look from Venus

“I think you have plenty of wonderful uses,” said Mars quickly and smiled at Venus who smiled back despite Earth snickering and Pluto rolling his eyes behind her.

Moon crashed onto the floor and Sun flattened his rumpled shirt and tossed a pillow on top of Moon. Heading for the door, he called in an imitation at Jupiter’s voice, “I’m off to my absolutely capital job of enlightening the world and giving life to the dark places.” Most chuckled but froze at once when they heard Jupiter say,”Yes, why don’t you Sun.” He had entered the room unnoticed and stood, clad in his usual sharp attire and narrowed his amber eyes at Sun’s retreating back with a slight smile touching his lips. “And please, try to act civilized.” He sighed; staring pointedly at Moon’s disheveled form and Venus fixing her blond mane. He turned and was startled by the thump of an unanticipated, spiky blue-haired figure. Its hair perfectly matched the being’s impish features and striking eyes, one electric blue and the other deep violet.

“Hey, what’s up boss?” he drawled and grinned, leaning precariously against a tower of books that his coy twin hastily hurried to balance. “You shouldn’t be so reckless Uranus,” Neptune said, watching him, fretful. “Be careful if you’re going to jump like that.” He straightened the books while his twin rolled his contrasting eyes.

”Oh, Neptune, you worry too much. Live a little, would ya.” His lips quirked and Neptune lost his ability to talk, his face flushing.

“Well, now that we are all up and ready,” Jupiter began and paused, signaling for the others to stand up. Venus finished primping her hair and Mars folded the empty carton of milk and dunked it into the recycling can. Earth and Pluto stood up and Saturn sighed as he wrapped up his music and followed suit. Jupiter turned, looking at each singular face who, in turn waited expectantly, and smiled slowly.

“OK, guys, let’s say hello to the worlds.”





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“The Planets” by Anonymous