Football shows promise

Football shows promise


Photo By: Shane Harris

By Allison Novak, Reporter

This year, Warrior football will play on the same turf field, with the same colors, and the same coach; the only difference is they have a totally different attitude about their fall 2012 season.

The past few years the football team has fallen short of their goals of winning and becoming a close knit team. This year, however, they are more than eager to step up to the plate, and face the challenge to gain back the respect that SHS’s high school football team once had many years ago. Senior Captain and offensive guard, Nate Breighner believes the team is very unified this season. “I feel like the team’s got a lot closer this year and more of a brotherhood compared to past years,” said Breighner. Head coach Bill Kerr agrees.

“I think our team this year is, since I’ve been here, the tightest team that we’ve had,” said Kerr. “They seem to get along, play together, and like one another.” This greatly impacts how often the team scores and has success during a certain play. “Just being able to stick together and work together helps to determine the final score,” says Breighner. The passion that the players have for the game, and the determination that they have to be a winning team is what keeps them going, junior running back Sammy Miller explains. “I think a lot of people are tired of losing and they want to make a difference,” said Miller. “Seniors know that it’s their last year for most of them to play football, and they want to try and go out with a bang. They know that people don’t really respect the football team, and I think that’s what drives most of us.” The players are ready to accept all challenges they are faced with. When asked what goals the team has in effect for this season, Kerr replied, “Obviously win. The team came up with a goal in summer camp, and they want to get some wins this year….The second goal that the kids had was to [have others] respect warrior football.” S.H.S. now awaits the future for the football team.