Staff and Students React to Construction Project

May 19, 2022

Susquehannock High School and the campus are currently undergoing a $65 million renovation. Many students and teachers are very excited to see the finished results.

The goal of the construction is to provide students with programming that helps to replicate the technical and social skills needed in careers outside of school.

The ongoing construction has caused some challenges for students and staff coming to school every day. Emotional Support Teacher Kara Miller talks about her experience so far with the construction.

“The parking situation has been the hardest part for me just because it adds extra commute time to and from my car,” Miller said.

A lot of students and teachers are frustrated with the parking situations currently occurring, but they have a lot of high hopes for the construction and feel it is good for the school.

Emotional support teacher Luke Knott is optimistic about what the future holds.

“I think once everything is finished, the new technology will make it a better environment,” Knott said.

Along with the current construction and remodeling, administration also has some new projects they would like to see the school add in eventually.

“I think a track that runs around the cafeteria would be cool for students who don’t wanna eat, so they can still be active and entertain themselves instead of walking the halls,” Miller said.

Some feel that the construction might be loud, or a hassle for the nearby community while others feel it is exciting and that the community is going to be excited.

Freshman Breah Dejohn admits that the mixed reaction of the public is typically more negative.

“They might be annoyed and want construction to be done,” Dejohn said.

It may seem to be inconvenient now, but school officials believe the final results are going to improve the school for the better and will make school life much easier for students and teachers.

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