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Student Council Preps for Winter Olympics Event

December 6, 2021

The student council is gearing up for the first-ever Winter Olympics event at the high school.

The school-wide Olympic competition will take place on Dec. 23 as a regular afternoon activity in the high school and middle school’s gymnasiums. Trials for participants will run throughout the week of Dec. 13-22.

Student council president Megan Stiffler and vice president Tyler Elliot leads a student council meeting. Photograph by Vicky Chen

Senior student council member Atticus Silbaugh explains the inspiration behind this event.

“We wanted to do a winter event because we usually do a spring event and a fall event, but last year was so much, not sad, but much less involved for the student council,” Silbaugh said. “So, we wanted another event, and we thought winter would be a great time to do the Winter Olympics.”

The event was created as a break for the student body before the holidays and also as an effort to create unity throughout the school.

“We are excited to really have some participation from the student body because last year was such a dud, and we didn’t have many events,” Silbaugh said. “If we can get this year to be really fun and memorable to all the [students] who had a bad experience last year, it would be great for everybody to get into the school spirit again.”

Seniors Cross Santoro and Samuel Elson promote the Winter Olympics event in homerooms. Photograph by Vicky Chen

Silbaugh is excited for the competition aspect.

“I’m looking forward to seeing everyone compete because I know a lot of my friends, people in my grade, and the grade below want to try out and do the events,” Silbaugh said. “I think it will be really fun to see everyone compete and to see the school involved…and to see it similar to how it was in my freshman year.”

Students should expect a bracket system for the games.

“We are going to do… the events, but [in] a shorter time frame, so we can get more teams through, and we are going to do a bracket system where the top two left are going to be the ones competing on the 23rd,” Silbaugh said.

Events are shortened due to a lack of time.

“Each event will be around five-ten minutes because we have around 45 minutes, [including] preparations, [and] we are going to have other activities as well,” Silbaugh said.

Student Council adviser and business teacher Kellin McCullough is ready to institute expectations for each of the games’ rules.

“The one that scores the most points wins,” McCullough said. “The bobsledding [with]… the fastest time will win, dodgeball is last man standing and floor hockey will be the most points scored.”

McCullough hopes the student body sees the benefits of participating.

A student looks over a Winter Olympics sign-up form. Photograph by Vicky Chen

“We are raising money for the Holiday Share Program,” McCullough said. “It helps support local families that struggle over the holidays with providing gifts for their children. We use [this program] every year, so this is just one that we can support [the program] again in a new way.”

McCullough recommends students to sign up outside of room 207.

“There are flyers outside of my room, and it is just a good cause,” McCullough said. “Plus, it will be fun, so fill out the flyers.”

Sophomore Devin Gilbert explained what to fill out on sign-ups.

“Teams just have to fill out their team name, which sports they’re doing, list which competition (9th/10th or 11th/12th) and your team members,” Gilbert said.

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