Shelby Derkosh Impacts Susquehannock

December 2, 2021

Senior Shelby Derkosh has been making a positive impact on Susquehannock’s athletics and student community throughout her entire high school career. 

S. Derkosh works for the ball against a Gettysburg player. Photograph by Tim Flaherty

Derkosh has demonstrated major role model qualities in athletics. 

“I think I’ve had a very successful athletic career so far,” Derkosh said. “I’ve been on varsity in every sport I’ve ever played in high school.”

Derkosh has not only made every team she has tried out for, but has been a very important factor on those teams, even as a freshman. 

“My freshman year in soccer, we were down 3-2 against Gettysburg with 7 minutes left, and I had 2 goals that put us ahead, and so we ended up winning the division because of that game,” Derkosh said. 

Scoring over half of the soccer team’s goals, Derkosh reflects back on her recent season.  

“It was an overall very successful soccer season this fall,” Derkosh said. “I had 27 goals and nine assists for the team.”

The Susky soccer team dog piles on S. Derkosh after she scores winning goal to lead the Warriors to districts. Photograph by Tim Flaherty

Derkosh has been in the spotlight on the track team last season. 

“In my 400 event, I came second in the county, fifth at districts, 11th in the state and then my 4×4 team won counties,” Derkosh said.

S. Derkosh and her 4×4 team stands on the podium after placing fifth at districts. Photograph by JC Lewis

Freshman Cassidy Derkosh, Shelby’s younger sister, has always aimed to support Shelby over the years. 

“She is a big part of the wins in girls soccer, and in track, she makes records and makes it really far,” C. Derkosh said. 

Derkosh recognizes her sister’s work in all of her athletics throughout the years. 

 “It surprised me when she was a freshman and got put up for athlete of the year,” C. Derkosh said. 

Derkosh makes an internal impact on her family as they see her grow in her sports career. 

“She made me realize how far you can actually go in a sport and that it is possible,” C. Derkosh said. 

Besides her dedication to her athleticism, Derkosh is also a huge help around the school. 

“The biggest four clubs I have participated in are Mini-THON, Link Crew, Team U and Aevidum,” S. Derkosh said. 

She stands out in her clubs and always enjoys helping others. 

“I feel that I have made a really big impact on the younger students, [and] they have made an impact on me since I have made so many friends that are underclassmen now,” S. Derkosh said. 

Shelby finds extra time to help many underclassmen with their homework for school, including sophomore Michael Fox. 

“She always makes sure to help me with my schoolwork if I am confused or helps me study to make sure I understand,” Fox said. 

Through everything she has done for Susquehannock before she graduates, Derkosh contemplates how she will leave a lasting impact on others in the community. 

“I just hope that this school and community remembers me as a good person as well as a good athlete and somebody that was a good role model for other students,” S. Derkosh said.

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