Students Spell to Victory in the Southern Middle School Spelling Bee 

January 6, 2021

7th and 8th graders were given spelling quizzes through the Scripps Spelling Bee online program. Due to their excellent scores on the spelling quizzes ten students competed in the Spelling Bee.

We are very proud of the ten students who participated in the Southern Middle School Spelling Bee:

  • Troy Engle
  • Lachlan Gemmill-Edwards 
  • Cameron Irvin
  • Jacob Iwanowicz
  • Tristan Lauver
  • Harrison Mabon
  • Patrick O’Brien
  • Brooke Schabdach
  • Sophie Sedgley
  • Kevin Walters

The students spelled difficult words such as proscenium, chauffeurs, epaulet, and soleil throughout many rounds. The results of the Southern Middle School Spelling Bee were:

  • 1st Place: Sophie Sedgley (7th grade)
  • 2nd Place: Jacob Iwanowicz (7th grade)
  • 3rd Place: Harrison Mabon (8th grade)
  • 4th Place: Cameron Irvin (7th grade)

All four champions of the Southern Middle School Spelling Bee have been invited to Harrisburg to further their spelling quest by participating in the semi-final Regional Spelling Bee. They are invited along with other students from ten counties within Central Pennsylvania. The semi-final Regional Spelling Bee will be a paper and pencil test at WITF in Harrisburg to be held on January 24th.  The top spellers of this test will be in a televised Grand Championship Spelling Bee to be held on February 27th.

During the Spelling Bee, Mrs. Newland was the coordinator and judge, Megan Watkins was the pronouncer, and Mr. Newland was a second judge. 

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