Seniors go on trip for the first time in four years

   Roller coasters, popcorn, junk food, and you get to miss class? These are just a few reasons why seniors are going on the class trip this year.

The Class of 2013 will enjoy a trip to Hershey Park. The cost is $60.00 dollars per person and will occur on May 24.

Special Education teacher Kristin Kowalczyk is coordinating the trip and is managing the payments.

  Susquehannock has not had the opportunity to go on a senior trip since 2009, and Kowalczyk, a.k.a, Coach K., is very excited about being able to go this year.

“We haven’t gotten to go on a trip the last four years because of lack of participants. This year we had 84 people sign up, and that is enough to go on the trip,” said Kowalczyk.

   Many students  cannot wait for the trip.

Senior, Alyssa Denis is very excited about being able to go on the trip this year.

“I am excited for the trip. I get to spend time with my friends, and I will get to ride rides; everyone enjoys Hershey Park,” said Denis.

Denis is not the only person excited about the trip to Hershey Park in May.

Senior Erin Baker  thinks it is a nice way to wrap up the school year.

“It is a great way to get one last hurrah in. It will allow us to say goodbye to our [classmates] right before graduation,” said Baker.

 By going on the trip, seniors will get to spend a bit more time together before their final goodbye at graduation.