Students Work with Hybrid Schedule

October 27, 2020

Students with jobs have altered their schedules and work ethics to stay on top of this changing hybrid school year.

Senior Carson Williams shifted from 12 years of in-school learning to completely online.

Williams started a new job at Target in June 2020, so this year has not been what he is used to.

“If I get scheduled more than usual, I get behind in school,” said Williams. “It really depends on how much I get scheduled at work that week.”

He designates certain hours to schoolwork and tries not to get distracted.

Many students are having to change their work ethic to adjust, which is difficult to do after having an established work ethic for many years.

Senior Claire Miller has been working at Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins for over a year.

Claire Miller runs the drive thru at Dunkin Donuts. Photograph by Julianna Kessler (Julianna Kessler)

Comparing the last school year to this year, Miller agrees that she has to work harder to change her habits and to adjust to the new hybrid scheduling.

Unlike Williams, Miller goes to school two days a week and the rest online.

“I think hybrid scheduling has had a positive effect on me and my peers,” said Miller. “Not everyone learns easily online, so doing hybrid allows for a little bit of both. For most of my peers that I have spoken with, they seem to be in control.”

Miller adjusted her work ethic to work more independently and make sure she has enough time to complete all of her assignments paired with her job.

Miller’s Top 5 Tips for Student Workers

  1. Use a planner to manage your time.
  2. Get any possible work done early.
  3. Do not wait to do work until the weekend.
  4. Ask questions in class and online meetings.
  5. Focus on your mental and physical health.


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Students Work with Hybrid Schedule