School Board Votes for No Tax Increase

May 28, 2020

The 2020-2021 school year does not include a tax increase thanks to Southern York County staff for participating in a voluntary wage freeze.

Originally in the November 2019 meeting, the board had proposed a tax increase within the index; by December 2019, the board agreed on an increase of 3.2 percent.

School Board President Robert Schefter discussing the next topic of the board meeting. Screenshot taken by Kai Fleming

The reason for asking for the increase was due to the amount of professional staff being lower than the 2009-2010 school year.

Once COVID-19 had damaged the economy and left many without a way to get money, the Board completely reworked the 2020-2021 budget because they did not feel comfortable with a tax increase during this time.

Treasurer Bruce Bauman goes over information in the board meeting. Screenshot by Kai Fleming

A list of people who participated in the wage freeze includes all professional staff, teachers, nurses, librarians, counselors and psychiatrists. Among those who also volunteered include Non-Act 93 staff including, salaried Technicians, human resources and transportation coordinator also participated in the wage freeze.

A wage freeze in definition is when a company is having a difficult time financially and wishes to avoid layoffs or other cutbacks.

Chief Financial & Operations Officer/School Board Secretary Susan Green went over changes made to the budget during the board meeting. Screenshot  by Kai Fleming

Superintendent Sandy Lemmon expressed gratitude for the relationships within the Southern School District, during the virtual school board meeting on April 16.

“I do want to personally thank our entire Southern York County school district team for not only working so hard over the last several weeks and making school look totally different but most importantly understanding the fiscal responsibility to our community, as Mrs. Green has just shared this includes an opportunity for a zero percent tax increase for our upcoming school year,” said Lemmon. “This only happens in an organization that has relationships that are built on trust. It truly demonstrates how we are one warrior family, and we live by the Southern way each and everyday, and the Southern way is making the right decisions no matter what the cost,”said Lemmon.”

— Superintendent Sandy Lemmon
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