Protesting against COVID-19: Where is the Middle Ground?


It is the second state to join the union and is the home of our nation’s first capital. It is also the place of America’s most intense debate – what to do about COVID-19. 

47 states  have begun to reopen, except for New Jersey, Delaware, and Illinois. 

This is a map of all of the cases of COVID-19 in America. It is colored based by how many cases there have been. Image  by @CDVgov via Twitter

Pennsylvania has begun to slowly reopen, but it has sparked mad criticism .

Both the Democratic and Republican parties are not happy with how things are going down in the state of PA. 

As with most politics, you can never make everybody happy, and in this case, no one appears to be happy. 

For some democrats who live in Lancaster (a county that has started to reopen), they have decided to try and take matters into their own hands. 

They decided to drive around the offices of state representative Lloyd Smucker and state senator Scott Martin while honking their horns as they feel like this is the best way to have their voices heard. 

It is ironic that they are creating tons of  greenhouse gases, worsening climate change,ut that hypocrisy is a topic for another day. Instead of staying at home, they are increasing there chances of getting the virus, which is why they are protesting in the first place. 

Then there are the many people, who claim to be republicans,  in front of Governor Wolf’s office. 

They argue that it is “their body” so they should be able to choose where they go and when, which is not a very good statement when protesting about a virus. 

It is one thing to want to be able to do things normally again. It is another to gather in huge crowds, which would make the spread of the CoronaVirus spread much more easily, but to put yourself at unnecessary risk makes completely no sense in this situation, where it is quite literally life or death.

This is the most recent map of the counties’ schedule to reopen. Screenshot via NBC Philadelphia

In these situations, it seems like there is no middle ground. 

It used to be said that the news only focused on the people with extreme views on both sides; however, it feels that the “extremes” are the majority of people. 

The answer to this problem is a rather easy one: do what our state tells us to do. 

Even though they are not perfect, they are in charge and are trying to look out for everyone. 

They are trying to do what is best for the economy, the population’s health, and  mental well being. 

No other problem like this has ever arisen before- this is bigger than any one party, and people have to look at it that way. 

If we do not listen and follow what the representatives are telling us, this situation will continue to progress throughout the end of the 2020 year.