Senior Goes Retro with Arcade Game

By Ava Holloway, Reporter

Think back to old school arcade games, like Pacman, Dig Dug, Galaga and Frogger. 

The machine is designed to be just like the old-school version with games like Donkey Kong and Pac-Man.
Photograph by Ava Holloway

For the past few months, senior Hunter Taylor has been working on making a classic arcade game just like a few of these old favorites.

“So far I have about 100 hours put into it…,” said Taylor. “…and I think I will have to put another 20 hours into it before it is done.”

This is the side-view of the arcade machine, showing the classic size and shape.
Photograph by Ava Holloway

Throughout those hours, wood tech teacher Garth Hoffman has guided Taylor through the highs and lows of the project.

“Any problems Hunter encountered he solved,” said Hoffman. “This has been equally rewarding for me to help him develop the ability to solve problems….”

Taylor got his inspiration from a YouTube channel called “I Like to Make Stuff,” where they create different machines. 

“I thought it was cool, and I could make it, so I did,” said Taylor.

Taylor has been enrolled in wood tech for all four years of high school, and Hoffman is very glad he stuck with it.

“Hunter takes pride in his work and has an incredible work ethic,” said Hoffman. “It’s been a pleasure having Hunter in class for the past four years.”

Senior Hunter Taylor poses with his project.
Photograph by Ava Holloway

Even though this is Taylor’s project, he still has enlisted the help of multiple students, including fellow senior Jacob Barnhart.

“I enjoyed watching and helping him assemble his project when he needed it,” said Barnhart. “Seeing how fast Hunter was able to put together his project structurally and seeing how fast he works with the electronics – it is incredible.”

With graduation coming in a few months, Barnhart is confident that Taylor has a bright future.

“Hunter will be able to do very well for himself after school wherever he ends up, and this project I am sure is just the beginning,” said Barnhart.