Students Unwind with Netflix

By Evelyn Weldon, Reporter

Students like to escape reality and unwind by binge watching Netflix shows. 

After polling 20 random students, these are the top five recommended shows to start watching on Netlfix. 


The most popular show was, “You.”

Sophomore Lauren Simpson said, “The show is creepy and keeps me aware of my surroundings.” 

Netflix show, “You,” was released second season on Dec. 26, 2019. Image Courtesy of @Younetflix via Instagram

The Office 

The show that came in second was, “The Office.”

Freshman Lola Sroka enjoys “The Office.” 

“I enjoy watching ‘The Office’ because it always makes me laugh,” said Sroka.

Grey’s Anatomy 

The top third show on Netflix is, “Grey’s Anatomy.” 

Junior Kelsey Gemmill gets hope from watching it. 

She said, “I like Greys because it gives you hope and shows you that you can go through the hardest things in life and come out a better person in the end.”

A new season of, Grey’s Anatomy” on Sept. 22, 2019. Image Courtesy of @Greysabc via Instagram

“Grey’s Anatomy,” is a medical show about a surgeon’s life.


Sophomore Shelby Derkosh  agrees that Atypical is the number four show on Netflix. 

“It’s a really good show because it’s about a boy who’s making his way through life and you see the way it takes a toll on him and people around him,” said Derkosh.

This show is a really heart warming. 

Stranger Things 

The fifth and final top Netflix show is, “Stranger Things.”

Freshman Gabe Glanz loves the setting. 

“It takes place in the 80’s which is one of the best time periods and it has lots of interesting scenes and the actors are great,” said Glanz. 

“Stranger Things,” released the second season on Oct. 27, 1029. Image Courtesy of @Stangerthingstv via Instagram

This show is a multiple season show that has recently released new episodes.