No Stress Gifts for $10 or Less

Jacob Derkosh, Reporter

It is the time of year again when everyone is ready for the holiday break, full of sleeping and relaxation.

However, people love to get their friends gifts for the holidays, but as teenagers, typically they do not have the proper funds to get everything they want to get everyone.

In preparation for the holidays, here are some thoughtful, budget-friendly gifts suggested by Susquehannock students.

Senior Mateo Vega suggested gifting a friend a Funko Pop.                Screenshot of Image Courtesy of SdsCoolStuff

Funko Pops are diverse and have a series for anyone looking for a friend, no matter what kind of media it came from.

Sophomore Shelby Derkosh suggested gifting a friend a face mask.            Screenshot of Image Courtesy of Knesko

Face masks are a good gift for girls who really enjoy keeping it natural and want to feel relieved and relaxed doing so.

Junior Brayden Lewis suggested the idea of party food for a gift.                      Screenshot Image Courtesy of The Spruce Eats

The idea of party food may sound absurd, but when considering how one can help make or break a special occasion, it can seriously help.

Senior Lauryn Wojcik suggested fuzzy socks as an effective present.                Screenshot of Image Courtesy of Amazon

When the weather outside is frightful, and your feet don’t feel delightful, fuzzy socks will help anyone feel much better with warmth and comfort.

“Every girl loves fuzzy socks and hats, so who wouldn’t want some?” said Wojcik.

Junior Julianna Kessler suggested a gift card to someone’s favorite location for a thoughtful present.                                                                                          Screenshot Image Courtesy of PriceChopper

With nearly every location nowadays containing gift cards to their own business, it would be a thoughtful gift if one were to receive one for their favorite restaurant, store, theatre or any other type of business.

“Sometimes simple gifts mean a lot more than you think,” said Kessler.

Andrew Baibos suggested gifting a girl scrunchies for the holidays. Screenshot of Image Courtesy of Amazon

The scrunchies are used by nearly everyone and more types are more favorable for certain people.

“Everyone walking around with them clearly enjoy them,” said Baibos.

Senior Jonathan Collins suggested a nice pair of earbuds for the momentous occasion.                                                                                                                            Screenshot of Image Courtesy of EarBuds

While this gift may be harder to look out for, compatible phones may be a good idea for this specific gift, even if they are emergencies.

Sophomore Sabrina Fahringer suggested candles for the comfort of the holidays.                                                                                                                Screenshot Image Courtesy of Woodwick Candles

Scented candles are simple gifts for anyone to own, and they are an effective way of getting a feeling for the holidays.

Sam Timlin suggested purchasing a classic book for a person to enjoy.              Screenshot of Image Courtesy of The New Potato

With the large variety of types of literature and the timeless classics always being available, there is nothing wrong with buying someone an old classic.

Senior Anna Joy suggested making some fresh baked goods for the holiday gifts for friends and family.                                                        Screenshot of Image Courtesy of Super Market Perimeter

Baked goods are always a well made considerate gift for anyone to make and eat with friends and family alike.

“It is fun to make something special from yourself,” said Joy.