Here’s Your Graduation Bucket List

By Evelyn Weldon, Reporter

There are certain experiences that every Susquehannock student should have before graduation. Here are four recommended by students:

Sporting with Warrior Nation

Senior Nathan thinks students should attend a sporting event.

 “…seeing your friends performing and cheering them on, gives you a great sense of excitement,” said Weldon. “The football, soccer, and basketball games, specifically, have all brought me a lot closer to the fans in the stands cheering with me.” 


The team walks out of a timeout against West York.
Photograph Courtesy of Jalen Franklin


Senior Mini-THON member Sophia Wetzel explains  Mini-THON is a great way to give back and help make a difference- two things students should do before graduating.

 “Mini-THON is a wonderful club to join because you are helping for an event that helps donate money for children struggling with cancer. Next year is especially important in terms of being in Mini-THON because we have the Mini-THON event,” said Wetzel. “The event is also important because it is the event we prepare for all of this year and next year to raise money for the children. Mini-THON provides me with fulfillment in feeling as if I made a difference in other people’s lives.” 

Senior Gavin Held and junior Maria Sudakova promote the high school Mini-THON club.
Photograph Courtesy of shsminithon via Instagram


Senior Emma Robert expresses why students should join in on the fun at school dances.

 “They are a really fun way to make high school memories before you graduate, and it’s a fun event,” said Robert. 

Photograph by Emily Polanowski
Students dance under the flashing colored lights.


Senior Jenna Schechter explains  why students should join Aevidum before they graduate.

“Aevidum represents a really good cause and promotes a message that all students relate to as far as metal health and maintaining a good balance in life. As a senior, I realize that as a club, we are really making progress in changing the stigma against anxiety and depression that some face, however, there is still much to be done,” said Schechter. “If more joined the club, there could be major steps achieved in promoting a healthy lifestyle with a healthy balance of school, work, extracurricular activities, etc, as well as raising awareness for different mental health issues that many students face but are not really well known.”

Photograph by Sam Timlin
Staff and Aevidum members joined together to create a mental health panel on Tuesday, Oct. 8.