Teams Race for the NBA title

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Teams Race for the NBA title

The NBA playoffs are set. Photo from NBA Instagram account

The NBA playoffs are set. Photo from NBA Instagram account

The NBA playoffs are set. Photo from NBA Instagram account

The NBA playoffs are set. Photo from NBA Instagram account

Lucas Dimler, Reporter

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The NBA playoffs are starting soon, and its fans’ excitement is increasing to see who is in and who is not.  

NBA playoff race. Graphic  courtesy of NBA via Instagram

According to CBS sports, the Western Conference is getting very competitive, as there is a fight for first through eighth seed.

The Golden State Warriors have been a powerhouse team for the longest time.

It looks like they will be the first seed, but the Denver Nuggets are only a game behind them in the seeding and could easily jump them to get the first seed.

The fight for the third seed is getting tense  between the Houston Rockets and Portland Trail Blazers.

Houston has one more win than the Blazers right now, but Portland controls their own destiny because they own the tiebreaker against Houston.

Then there is a jam in the conference between the fifth through eighth seed.

Utah Jazz, Los Angeles Clippers, San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder are all in a fight to get the fifth seed.

It’s not looking good for the Thunder because San Antonio held the tiebreaker over them and that would be a difficult hurdle.

The Clippers will most likely stay in the sixth seed because they have a better conference record then both the Spurs and Thunder.

Utah will most likely stay at the fifth seed because their remaining schedule is easy, and they hold tiebreaker against the Clippers and Spurs.

According to, the Eastern conference is thrilling, and the first three seeds are set.

The exciting Milwaukee Bucks are locked at the first seed with the best record in the league.

The Toronto Raptors clinched the second seed because they own the tiebreaker against the Sixers, and they already lost their tiebreaker to the Bucks. Now there is no way they can get the first seed.

The Philadelphia 76ers locked up the three seed because for Boston to catch the Sixers, they would have to lose the rest of their remaining games, and that is most likely not going to happen.

The Celtics have the fourth seed by beating the Pacers in their final regular season game to get the tiebreaker against them.

Pacers have clinched the fifth seed because they can get nothing worse by having a better record then the rest of the teams remaining.

This is where the conference gets dicey with the remaining seeds.

The Detroit Pistons will most likely be the sixth seed because they lead the Nets and Heat by one in the loss column.

The Brooklyn Nets are the seventh seed and will most likely keep it; they just need to finish out the season by beating the Miami Heat.

The Brooklyn Nets are ready for the playoffs. Photograph by via Instagram

Then there is the fight for the final seed against the Miami Heat and Orlando Magic.

Orlando owns the tiebreaker against the Heat, but Miami has won more games then them. Miami just needs to win the rest of their games, and they are in.

The NBA playoffs is bound to be a wild ride.

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