All Hail Snow King Hofler

By Kylee Galante, Reporter

The school was finally able to crown its Mini-THON Snow King: junior Brock Hofler.

Hofler enjoyed the recognition.

Hofler smiled for his picture after being crowned snow king. Photograph by Emily Ditt

“It felt good. It was a nice surprise, so it was just fun,” said Hofler.

He raised around 1000 cans and up to $190 thanks to the support of his friends and family.

Hofler promoted this cause in many ways by posting on his social media accounts, bringing in many donations.

“The cans I posted on social media, and I had my mom also post on her social media and she had a lot of people outside of my family and in my family just give us a whole bunch of cans and donations,” said Hofler.

Like everyone participating in Mini-Thon, Hofler had a goal.

“For the donation page, we were supposed to set a goal; everyone put theirs around a thousand, and I put mine around 800, so technically I was closer to getting my goal so I was happy with that,” said Hofler.

Hofler ended up filling two big boxes about four to five times full of cans and even brought in a lot of cans himself on the last day.

Junior Holly Mullaney was his escort for the pep rally.“I encouraged him to sign up, and to try and run for snow king and then he ended up taking control and did most of the work by himself,” said Mullaney.

Mullaney says Hofler is a caring individual.

Brock hofler crowned snow king posed for a picture with his escort Holly Mullaney.
Photograph by Emily Ditt

“He deserved to win Snow King because he is a great guy, and he cares for everything around him,” said Mullaney

Hofler plans to run for Snow King again next year.

Christian Collins, 2nd runner up for snow king said that running for snow king was very stressful and he was happy it was over, However, is very happy with how much he was able to raise.

Christian Collins was the second runner up, and his escort was Megan Watkins.
Photograph by Emily Ditt

“I am in fact happy with how much I raised, I wished I raised more in the monetary side but I did get a lot of food donations so that was really nice, I appreciated that.”