Students Revive iMessage Games

By Mackenzie Womack, Sports Editor

iMessage games are rolling into 2019 through the app GamePigeon.

Most high school students are once again playing iMessage games, originally debuting in 2016.

GamePigeon allows iPhone users to play a variety of free games, including Crazy 8, 8-Ball, Basketball, Cup Pong, Archery, etc, via the iMessage app. 

Gamepigeon offers the games shown in the image above. There are 24 games total and more are being added as time progresses.
Photo by Mackenzie Womack

Most games require two people to play; the only game that is different is Crazy 8 which has a minimum of three and a maximum of six people.

Freshman Jennifer Wagner gives her experience from the GamePigeon games.

“My favorite game is Crazy 8 because you can play with so many people, and my friends get really competitive which makes it so fun,” said Wagner.

Recent updates to GamePigeon included new games such as Archery and Crazy 8, new avatars, different pool stick designs and more.

Sophomore Kaelyn Duvall thinks the games may become more of a distraction now that they are back.

“They do distract me since I don’t have a very long attention span,” said Duvall. “[When] I am playing a game, I usually don’t hear anything going on around me.”

GamePigeon first came out in 2016, but quickly lost the attention of the users, but now, they have become more popular as updates have occurred.

Duvall also has been playing the games more recently.

“I’ve been playing Gamepigeon games more often because after I do my work I get… extra time to play these games,” said Duvall.

Free time when after finishing assignments or during lunch are both opportunities to play the games without getting distracted during class.

This screenshot shows that there are eight people competitively playing iMessage games, including Paintball and Crazy 8’s.
Photo by Mackenzie Womack

Gamepigeon posts advertisements on Twitter to their new games that they have been creating.

“It’s been awhile, but we’ve got a new game. Archery!” stated Gamepigeon via their Twitter account @gamepigeonapp.

The GamePigeon app has a twitter that allows fans to see what new games are coming their way.
Photo via @gamepigeonapp on Twitter

The Twitter account provides the followers with an exclusive look to the new games that are coming out.