Gillian Snader Crowned Homecoming Queen

By Mackenzie Womack, Sports Editor

Senior Gillian Snader was crowned homecoming queen on Friday Oct. 12 at the homecoming game.

Snader ran against seniors Audra Thomas, Kenna Hancock, Theresa Falzone, Alaina Stromgren, Lily Minacci, Hannah Dorr, Alyson Houska, Samantha Mcguire, Jessica Fox and Ali Krahl.

Photo by Emily Ditt

The girls had noticed the short and fairly easy process of the venture.

We were all asked to submit a paper with some personal information, such as what my plans are for after high school and what my extra curricular activities are,” said Snader. “I also had to make sure I had an escort for the pep rally, homecoming game and the dance.”

The process for becoming a part of homecoming court was an easy first experience they all got to remember, especially because they ran along with their friends.

It was also really nice to get to be on court with Ali,” said Snader. “I liked being able to have one of my close friends on court with me!”

Senior Ali Krahl was on homecoming court with Snader and believed she deserved being homecoming queen.

“It was nice running with Gillian because we are friends, and it was nice to have somebody that I knew,” said Krahl. “She deserved this because she’s such a nice person and has a great personality.”

Freshman Olivia Pasko has known Snader for all of her life. Once she found out her childhood friend was crowned homecoming queen, she was ecstatic.

“I was so happy and proud of Gillian when she won,” said Pasko. “I loved how she was so happy and surprised. Everyone felt the excitement!”

Snader’s reaction was also priceless.

Senior and homecoming queen Gillian Snader shows her reaction which is priceless.
Photo courtesy of Gillian Snader

“I was very surprised at the outcome. I knew that Ali and Theresa would both either win or be a runner-up, but I didn’t think that I would be a runner-up let alone the winner,” said Snader. “I was really surprised.”

As for being crowned homecoming queen, Snader’s life has not changed except for the amount of recognition she was given.

So far, Snader’s high school career has helped her make a decision for what she wants to major in at college.

“I am not sure what college I am attending yet, but I am going for early childhood and special education. For my extra curricular activities in high school, I’ve mainly been involved in cheerleading, Spirit Committee, the Growing Tree preschool and the theater program,” said Snader.

The cheerleaders shout from the sidelines to motivate the players and spectators. Various times during the game, the cheerleaders perform different stunts and cheers.
Photo by Stephanie Graffin

Snader sees the honor as an honor all girls deserve.

“Overall being Homecoming Queen isn’t really a big deal, the way I see it. I thought it was very nice to be recognized, and everyone was so kind to me when I won. Although I feel as though this is not something that needs to be a big deal, especially because every girl should get similar recognition,” said Snader. “Every girl at this school is so beautiful, kind and special in their own ways, and every one of them deserves the recognition, not just me.”