Juniors and Seniors Clash During Powderpuff

Mackenzie Womack, Reporter

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Junior and senior powderpuff teams  clashed on the football field, as they fought for the win on Oct. 10.

It was a tough battle; however, the seniors managed to win, earning the class of 2019 their second consecutive title

Seniors Breanna Kaiser and Carly Attig both scored two touchdowns during the game, which gave the seniors the 30-8 win.

Caroline Fox scored the only touchdown for the juniors.

Nicole Gianzanti was one of many seniors who participated during the powderpuff game that was held on Oct.10.

Gianzanti reflected on what she and her team did well during the game.

“We used really good communication, like with the linebackers we knew who to go for ,and it helped us defend our team,” said Gianzanti.

The seniors managed to end their last year of high school with a big powderpuff win.