Student Spotlight: Shelby Derkosh Shines on the Soccer Field

By Kylee Galante, Reporter

Freshman soccer player Shelby Derkosh has high hopes for her future.

Shelby Derkosh kicks the ball.
Photo by Tom Flaherty

Deskosh has been playing soccer for a while and plans to keep going as far as she can.

“I’ve been playing for about four years now and just kinda like everything about the sport and like the teamwork and everything kinda keeps me going,” said Derkosh.

Shelby Derkosh celebrates with her teammate.
Photo by Tom Flaherty

Derkosh says her inspiration for playing soccer was a long time ago when she saw Dora playing soccer on TV.

Recently she has been nominated for GameTime PA’s Athlete of the Week.

“It’s probably the best thing I’ve done so far,” Derkosh Said.

Her favorite memory from her soccer career is when they were at a tournament.

“There is this one tournament we were in, and we went to like a double overtime, and we ended up scoring and that was probably the best moment of my entire life,” said Derkosh.

Shelby Derkosh faces off with an opponent to get the ball.
Photo by Tim Flaherty

She has said that being a part of the team is awesome and that everyone is so accepting.

She has high hopes to continue her soccer career into college and get as far as MLS.