The Flash : Season Finale Review

By Jacob Silliman, Broadcast Manager

Season four of CW’s Flash has come to a close.

The most recent season ended with the Flash getting trapped in the speed force, which is an extra dimensional place separate from time that allows Barry Allen, the Flash, to obtain his high speeds.

In this season, the main protagonist, The Thinker, had a goal to reset the minds of humanity.

While extreme, The Thinker was a very

well created villain as he had good intentions.

From his point of view, technology has consumed humanity and has allowed us to do terrible things such as fight in wars with mass murder weapons, which distracts us from what really matters in life.

His plan was to wipe the minds of all humanity, rid all recent technology, and grow a safer, happier life for humanity.

This is a newside to villains unlike the past three seasons have had the main antagonist simply be another speedster, having the same power as the Flash.

“The Flash” has been a huge fan favorite since its premier in 2014.

These seasons got repetitive with Barry losing a loved one to the villain which was faster than he was.

This pushed Barry to become faster and eventually beat those who stole life from others.

The change in villain type was definitely fresh and nice to see.

Additionally, this season of “The Flash” brought along some much needed character develelopment


Barry’s now wife, Iris West-Allen, has grown a lot since the show began in 2014.


Season three mostly consisted of Iris hiding behind the shadow of “The Flash” as the main antagonist sought to kill her.

Since then, Iris has grown, taking on the responsibilities that come with being the leader of the team of heroes.

It is great to see that her character was not wasted this season as it was in the last.

Iris had some meaningful purpose to the plot and some cool moments that the writers put into the show.

The one major issue that took place during the final episode was the CGI involved.

While “The Flash” is a low budget show, there were points in the finale that looked poorly made.

The CGI team clearly wanted to go for something big and extravagant but ended up having a bunch of computer generated figures repeating the exact same animation as one cohesive group.

While this is easier, it is also fairly lazy and does not leave a good impression.

Now with the season coming to a close, there are still questions to be answered.

A question still unanswered is “where is Killer Frost?”

Killer Frost is the other split personality that Caitlin Snow, a member of team Flash, had that allowed her to harness ice and use it at her will.

Caitlin lost her ability to change into this other persona, and she has not returned since, despite hints of her powers being more than meets the eye.

It was revealed that unlike other characters in the show, Caitlin obtained her powers when she was younger and only recently rediscovered them.

All other characters and villains obtained their powers when a large technological experiment failed and released large amounts of dark matter into the city.

Nora Allen, the Flash’s daughter from the future, reveals her true identity in the final moments of the episode.


This leaves viewers to wonder how she obtained her powers if there was no astronomical event that took place.

Viewers are also left to wonder when the altra persona will return, as Caitlin has been unable to turn into her counterpart for quite some time.

Lastly, viewers are left to wonder where the future will lead. The final moments of the show revealed that the nameless character recurring throughout the season under different aliases was in fact Barry’s future daughter, Nora.

This leaves a huge cliffhanger full of anticipation and eagerness as season five is due for premier in October.