Students complete first session of the Keystones

Getting Ready: Junior Megan Burns studies. Photo By: Melissa Futrell

The Keystone exams are the new state standardized tests that freshmen, sophomore, and junior students are taking this year, and the students just finished completing the first section of the exam.   The students took the first session of the exam for two hours in the morning over the course of six school days, January 9-16.  Algebra and Reading were the two subjects that students were tested on.  Junior Megan Burns found that the test was not very difficult overall.  “I think reading involved more thinking, but [I forgot] some of the stuff [in math],” said Burns.  “I thought all of it was pretty easy, but I haven’t done Algebra I in a long time.”

   Students reacted differently to the test.  English teacher Erica Littleton got different opinions from her students concerning the Keystone’s.  “There were mixed reactions.  Some students felt they did well and were confident.  And I also had some students who were very unsure,” said Littleton.   Some students prepared for the test by paying attention in their classes, getting a good night’s sleep, and eating a nutritious breakfast.  Littleton used a different method other than practice tests for the students to complete.  “I prepared my classes for the Keystones not all at once, but through essays…,” said Littleton.  Students could pick up important information throughout their schooling to help them do well on the exam.  Sophomore Madison Shockey felt like she was ready for the test.  “We reviewed [the material] in class and Benchmarks helped,” said Shockey.

   Seniors did not have to take the Keystones and had to be at school by 10:00 A.M., but they were highly recommended to come at 9:40 A.M.  Senior Alyssa Denis enjoyed the fact that she was able to sleep in and had more time to spare before she had to come to school.  “Once I went out to breakfast with friends to [the] Mason Dixon [Restaurant],” said Denis.  From Monday May 13 to Friday May 24, Freshmen, Sophomore, and Junior students will be tested on Algebra I, Biology, and Literature with another round of Keystone Exams.